The History Behind Hoco

The History Behind Hoco

Norah Little

We all celebrate something called Homecoming but where does it originate? The idea of homecoming was made up in the early 1900s and was made to represent a team having a football game on the home turf in the fall. Homecoming was then held to boost school spirit.

                                                         Some of the Firsts

 The first homecoming game was played in 1914 with Minnesota v.s the Wisconsin badgers. That’s when a dance was added on. In 1911 that was the first homecoming game ever held. The reason the game was held that year was because they were welcoming back their team from the road for their first home game. 


Some of the biggest  areas in the United States that are known for homecoming are the south.  Some of the reasoning behind this is the way they celebrate football and are known to have some of the biggest and wildess tailgates.


 A way a guy wins over a girl in the South is by getting her a mum.  “Made of mostly ribbon, the homecoming mum is given to a girl at Homecoming to wear to school then to the Homecoming game and dance, if any. Males wear a mum as well referred to as a “garter”, the mum is attached to a garter worn on the arm.” This is explaining what mums are from the shop Mums and Kisses. This started in Texas in 1930’s.