Review Of Vampire Diaries

Savannah Birch

Do you believe in the supernatural world? Well I do and I very much LOVE watching tv shows/movies based on the supernatural! Now let me tell you about my addiction to this series by Julie Plec on Netflix, which is honestly the best show to ever come out on this planet is The Vampire Diaries series. 

The Vampire Diaries 

Starting off with the first show of this series is The Vampire Diaries. This show is an American supernatural teen drama tv series that has a lot of action, love, and mystery in it. The top main characters in TVD consists of Elena Gilbert/Katherine (Human/Doppelganger/Semi-Vampire) played by Nina Dobrev, Jeremy Gilbert (Human/Hunter) played by Steven R. McQueen, Matt Donovan (Human) played by Zach Roerig, Caroline Forbes (Vampire) played by Candice King, Liz Forbes (Sheriff) played by Marguerite Maclntyre, Bonnie Bennett (Witch) played by Kat Graham, Tyler Lockwood (Werewolf/Hybrid) played by Michael Trevino, Carol Lockwood (Mayor) played by Susan Walters, Alaric Saltzman (Human/Vampire Hunter/Semi-Original) played by Matthew Davis, Damon Salvatore (Vampire) played by Ian Somerholder, and Stefan Salvatore (Vampire/Doppelganger) played by Paul Wesley. There are 8 seasons with 171 episodes in all with this show because it is based on Stefan Salvatore’s diary that consists of his 171 years of life. I 100% recommend watching this show!

The Originals 

Now let’s talk about the spin-off of The Vampire Diaries which is my favorite. This show is another American supernatural teen drama tv series which has a lot of action, love, and mystery in it. The Originals is based on the first family of vampires which are the originals. This show has 5 seasons of the Mikelson family legacies. The top main characters in OG is Esther Mikelson (Mom/Witch) played by Alice Evans, Mikel Mikelson (Dad/Vampire/Vampire Hunter) played by Sebastian Roche, Freya Mikelson (Witch) played by Riley Voelkel, Finn Mikelson (Vampire/Witch) played by Casper Zafer, Elijah Mikelson (Vampire) played by Daniel Gillies, Niklaus Mikelson (Hybrid) played by Joseph Morgan, Kol Mikelson (Vampire/Witch) played by Nathaniel Buzolic, Rebekah Mikelson (Vampire) played by Claire Holt, Hope Mikelson (Tribrid) played by Danielle Russell, Marcel Gerad (Vampire) played by Charles Davis, Haley Marshall (Werewolf/Hybrid) played by Phoebe Tonkin, Davina Claire (Witch) played by Danielle Campbell, Camille O’Connell (Human) played by Leah Pipes, Vicent Griffith (Witch) played by Yusuf Gatewood, and Josh Rosza (Vampire) played by Steven Krueger. 


Legacies is the spin-off of The Originals and the final show of this supernatural series. The top main characters of this show is Hope Mikelson (Tribrid) played by Danielle Russell, Alaric Saltzman (Human/Vampire Hunter/Semi-Original) played by Matthew Davis, Lizzie Saltzman (Witch/Twin) played by Jenny Boyd, Josie Saltzman (Witch/Twin) played by Kaylee Bryant, Landon Kirby (Human/Malivoire) played by Aria Shahghasem, MG (Vampire) played by Quincy Fouse, Jed (Werewolf) played Ben Levin, Kaleb (Vampire) played by Chris Lee, Rafael Waithe (Werewolf) played by Peyton Smith, Dorian Williams (Human) played by Demetrius Bridges, and Ben (Fairy) played by Zane Phillips. This show is about Niklaus Mikelson and Haley Marshall’s daughter Hope who fights to become a fully awakened tribrid. All the students from the Salvatore school come together to fight off monsters and keep the school safe for all supernatural kids. 


I personally really enjoy this whole entire series and think you should watch it if you are interested in teen drama supernatural things. This series has taught me so much about life and what it means to live your life to the fullest in multiple ways. It has also taught me what love can be if you fight for it. I really recommend this series!