Top Four Books by Colleen Hoover


Anahy Tena

Book Collection Of Colleen Hoover


Who is Colleen Hoover? Colleen Hoover was first a social worker and now is one of the best selling authors of our generation. Colleen Hoover was getting lots of recognition because of her book ¨It Ends With Us” that went viral on Tiktok. Tiktokers would use #BookTok to review her books and other authors’ books to give their opinion and feelings on the books. Colleen writes young adult/fiction books.

    The book, it ¨Ends With Us”  is about the one who is supposed to love you the most and how they can also be the one who hurts you the most. From the beginning, Lily came from an abusive and toxic household. With her parents being in an abusive relationship, she never expected to be the one in the abusive relationship. With a neurosurgeon named Ryle  and having to learn to break the cycle. This book is number 1 on my top 4 because it really shows you the mind of a victim and spreads awareness. It really dives into showing how hard it can be to get out of an abusive relationship and how much strength it takes. This book is what started my book addiction and made me fall in love with reading. Therefore, it would be on the top of my list.

     My second choice book would be November 9 . If you´re a sucker for a love story, this book is definitely for you. November 9th was heartbreaking for me. Every year on November 9th for the next 5 years, Fallon, who has hopes of becoming an actor and Ben who has lost his passion for writing meet on this exact day. Ben and Fallon first meet at a restaurant except the catch is the very next day Fallon is flying across the country. This would be second on my list because I really liked how Colleen Hoover made the characters meet every year on a certain date. She also made it a slow read therefore I enjoyed every part of it. It had a big plot twist that made my jaw drop on the floor. It’s a love story that came from a tragedy. 

     Heart Bones would be 3rd on my list. Heart Bones is definitely a summer book and a must read. Beyah has raised and taken care of herself her whole life. Her father who she never really knew until she had to spend the summer with him due to her mom who passed away from addiction. Beyah dreads the thought of staying with a family who she barely knows but that´s until she meets her neighbor, Samson. I loved this book, I read it during the summer and it has all the summer vibes including the beach, bonfires, hanging out, swimming etc .which made me romanticize my summer even more. It taught me the lesson that not everything is as it seems. This book had a huge plot twist of who Samson really was.

All Your Perfects would be 4th on my list. It dives into an imperfect marriage and really shows that sometimes marriages aren’t as perfect as they seem. All Your Perfects reveals secrets, old memories, and how no communication can tear you apart. In the beginning of this book, it shows Quinn and Graham´s marriage and it almost seems too good to be true. However, you later realize that Quinn is struggling with miscarriages and is putting on a mask in front of the family, her husband Graham, and her friends. All this lying, miscommunication, fake happiness will end up catching up to them in the end. This book was very sad for me and reminded me that everyone goes through their own struggles including Quinn and Graham.