Hoco 2022: They Certainly Came Home (Homecoming Game)

Ayla Wize

It’s no secret that Horizon lost our homecoming game, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t talk about what was going on during such a disappointing game! 

I got to the football stadium at 6:00 pm, after the tailgate. While I have my own opinions on that as well, I would much rather focus on the game. The game itself was, as mentioned, extremely disappointing, mainly because Horizon’s football team typically does not do well when it comes to actual games. So, to pass the time, I decided to talk to a few of the other participants at the game. 

Shown on the left is an image of Riannah Riley and Christiana Cruz, two cheerleaders who were friendly enough to entertain my requests for a picture to go on our website.

The cheerleaders themselves did an amazing job at the game,  performing amazing stunts and somehow cheering on our losing team (shown right).

As the night was coming to a close, and our team’s score was 7:36, I remembered that there was one group of people that I shamefully forgot to ask about. The band. Suffice it to say, Horizons Band kids are amazing at what they do, and they did just as well as the cheerleaders during the game. Shown left is Logan B., a member of Band who was very kind to allow me to ask for his picture.

   In all, while the game itself was disappointing, I have to commend all the people who participated, especially the ones who were kind enough to field my questions.