Hoco 2022: Best In The Nest

Hoco 2022: Best In The Nest

Sammy Saiki

Ah yes, the long awaited answer to the simmering question, “what is ‘Best in the Nest’?”. Well I’m glad you asked, fake person I just made up. “Best in the Nest” is Horizon High School’s new and improved form of Homecoming royalty. It allows true school spirit to shine in nominating a person from each grade level who best represents Horizon. Not only does this provide more incentive for participation, but it ensures inclusivity. Homecoming royalty is outdated, let’s be honest. With “Best in the Nest”, all groups of students have a chance to win a Homecoming title. This different form of royalty will remain in Horizon for years to come and overall expands the opportunity for everyone! 

And the winners are:

Freshmen: Mitch Oller

Sophomores: Kaden Northrup 

Juniors: Lucas Wilt 

Seniors: Johnny Serna