The Most Questionable Fashion Trends Over The Years

The Most Questionable Fashion Trends Over The Years

Emily Eigenbrode, Co Editor in Chief

Over The Years There Has Been a Number of Trends That Have Been Not so Great in My Opinion. 

There are many bad clothing trends th

at have come throughout the years as well as many good ones. Off the top of my head, I can think of at least five trends that I’m not the hugest fan of. These are all my opinions so if you like these trends…I’m sorry.



I’m not going

 to lie, this one might be controversial and it’s a tad weird. But I definitely have a hatred towards stripes. And don’t ask me why because I really don’t know why I hate them to be quite honest. I guess, one reason why I might not like them might be because it can be hard to match it with something. I’m a huge fan of basic shirts without any patterns since they are easy to style. And don’t get me wrong I do wear patterns, its just I’m not a huge fan of stripes on myself. If you like stripes go for it and rock it.



Perhaps, my least favorite is Chevron but more in particular Blue Chevron. Why I don’t like Chevron kind of goes along the same lines of why I don’t like s

tripes. Chevron is very hard to match with other things. I think its fine if its on other things. I’m just not a huge fan of the pattern on clothes. 

Layering Clothing-  


Layering of clothing was an early 2000s thing. When I think of layered clothing I immediately think of Disney Channel stars like Ashley Tisdale gearing up for the red carpet. I think layering clothing can be done very well if it’s like a jacket over a sweater or something along those lines. But the layering of clothing I’m talking about is the skirt, over the jeans, and the shirt over another shirt and


Visible Underwear- 

Visible Underwear was also an early 2000s trend. This trend was very popular with celebrities as they liked to show off their so-called “Whale Tale”. It would show off any colors of underwear and it was often paired with a pair of low rise jeans.  I know this was a huge trend and everyone was doing it but I think there should also be some mystery. Underwear is something that is very private so I believe it should remain private and unseen.

Neck Sunglasses 

Okay, you might think I’m lying with this one but its true Neck Sunglasses were a trend. The trend pretty much consisted of wearing sunglasses on your neck. I personally don’t like this trend because I just think its a little weird. Sunglasses are supposed to be worn on your face or at least your head but the neck might be going a little too far. 



Overall, some trends just haven’t been my favorite over the years. These trends I don’t really like but I have been guilty of wearing some of them when I was younger. For example, I really liked chevron when I was younger, but things change. If you like these trends go for it and rock it. Who knows maybe one of these trends will come back in full force and maybe I’ll start liking it again.