Why We Should Get Rid of Phones


Erika Lewis, Productivity Manager



Why We Should Dispose of Cell Phones

Erika Lewis


In our current society, cell phones are a large part of our everyday lives. They are taking over society and because of that I think they need to be disposed of. You think that’s lame? I’ll give you some reasons why I think that’s a great idea. 


Staying in Contact With People

Cell phones have helped us stay in contact with loved ones ever since they were made. However, I don’t really think it’s that important to check in with Aunt Linda every month. Fortunately for me, she wouldn’t be able to contact me if phones were thrown away. 


Exposes Us to Things We Don’t Want to See

The internet has so many things on it and we are exposed to so many things. We don’t need children reading My Little Pony fanfiction about Rainbow Dash’s upbringing. Nor do we need them watching cat’s playing the piano. It’s that kind of stuff that ruins the mind. 


Phones are Brainwashing Us

You think all those vines and memes were just to entertain. You’re wrong, it’s a ploy from the government to brainwash us all. I’ll show you. “Oh no, our table, it’s broken!” I bet you read that the way that kid says it. >:)


My Phone is Haunted

I know this doesn’t apply to everyone but it’s an inconvenience to me. Plus, it’s so easy for your phone to become possessed that it’s just easier to get rid of the device now. Ghosts are just too fascinated by modern technology that it’s dangerous to keep them with us. 


Nobody Cares About Your Life

When you go on social media and post a picture of yourself with your friends, I am here to tell you nobody cares. Not your friends, not your grandma, not your friend the Nigerian Prince. Since nobody cares about your life you should stop posting. To insure you stop posting it’s best if you throw away your phone. 


We Can Solve Emergencies Ourselves

Perhaps you are thinking “We need phones to call 911”! I say “No!”. We need to become better at solving problems. If you’re house is on fire that’s an iss”you” and not and iss”me”. If grandma falls, pick her up and brush her off and she’ll be fine. 


There are so many more reasons why we should dispose of phones but I think for now six reasons will suffice. Hopefully you understand my reasoning and follow my advice of flushing your phone down the toilet. (Don’t actually flush it down the toilet, that would cause a plumbing issue).