The Bad Guys is a Great Family Movie for All to Watch

The Bad Guys is a Great Family Movie for All to Watch

Emily Eigenbrode

The Bad Guys is a 2022 animated crime comedy produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by Universal Pictures. This film is Pierre Perfifel’s directorial debut which is based on a screenplay written by Etan Cohen. The film is also based on the children’s book by the same name by Aaron Blabey. The Bad Guys tells the story of criminal animals, who are often seen as the Bad Guys, who are always involved in crime until one day they become too cocky and get caught for their actions. In the movie they try to reform themselves as model citizens as a new unexpected villain has his own plans. The film stars the voices of Sam Rockwell , Marc Maron, Anthony Ramos, Awkwafina, Craig Robinson, and Richard Ayoade. The Bad Guys was released in the United States on April 22, 2021. In its opening weekend, it grossed over $87 million dollars. 


The story takes place in Los Angeles where humans and anthropomorphic animals coexist. The Bad Guys are a group of criminals led by Mr. Wolf. They commit a variety of crimes since they are thefts with eluding authorites.One of their biggest plots was their attempt to steal the Golden Dolphin award at a gala from the philanthropist guinea pig, Rupert Marmalade IV. Due to Marmalades good behavior, he is getting this award, however it is worth a lot of money. During the heist, Wolf takes some free time to pickpocket people such as the governing whom he take one of her rings. While he is trying to pickpocket an old lady, he almost knockers her down the escalator, but he catches her bag which keeps her on the stairs. She then praises him for what he had done, and he actually feels good about himself for doing something good. Just like a dog his tail goes wild as he felt good. Soon after the gang is exposed and arrested. Wolf tries to get Marmalade to reform them, from their wrong doings, as they are planning to take advantage of the pretense to try and steal the award again. 


Marmalade then decided to invite them over to his home, and after he goes on and on about good behavior, the group still seems confused about the concept. Marmalade comes up with a plan in which they do a “Heist for good”, in which they will rescue a herd of guinea pigs from a research lab. However their heist for good fails as Mr. Snake, one of the bad guys, eats them, causing Foxington to call off the experiment. Wolf then confesses that he doesn’t like being hated for who he is, and foxington admits that she understands him. Wolf contemplates and later finds himself rescuing a cat from a tree, and Marmalade ends up recording the act and posting it. This action turns the image of the bad guys around. Snake, who is still very much into crime, feels that he’s just not the same as his friends anymore and he’s losing touch with them. 


However, the bad guys come up with another plan to steal the award. Wolf feels like doing so will be wrong and he wants to continue his good guy demeanor. Out of nowhere, a meteorite on a display is stolen, which the blame is then put on the bad guys since theft is what they’re known for. The gang is then arrested for the supposed actions, and marmalade then reveals that he stole the meteorite and was disgusting himself as the old lady mr wolf almost knocked down the escalators. This would allow him to manipulate the gang into taking the blame. While In prison, Wolf explains to the bad guys that he doesn’t want to be in the group anymore, which infuriates me. Snake. He becomes so angry, that crimson paw, a notorious criminal, rescues them from the attack. The criminal reveals themself to be Foxington, who reformed when she attempted to steal the award herself. 


After the Bad Guys decide to abandon Wolf for betraying them, they return to the hideout, and find all of their previous loot gone. It turns out that Wolf disclosed the location to Foxington in which he was then compensated for his crimes. After snake willingly gave Mr. Shark his last possession, the others realize that they can be good too. However, Snake denies his acts of kindness and allies with Marmalade, to control an army of hypnotized guinea pigs into robbing charity funds. 


To get the meteorite back, Wolf and Foxington break into Marmalade’s house, however they end up being captured by Marmalade himself and Snake. Before they are about to be killed, the bad guys swoop in and help the old member. They take the meteorite and try to abolish Marmalade’s plans. The Bad Guys go to the police station and turn in the meteorite but only to learn that Marmalade turned on Snake and is now out to get him. The Bad Guys then go save Snake despite the beytal he did on them. 


After getting the snake back and defeating Marmalade’s plans, the guys surrender themselves to authorities. Marmalade tries to take credit for the finding of the meteorite, however it is revealed that it was a fake one, as the real one was destroyed along with Marmalade’s mansion. The meteorite then falls on him where a diamond comes rolling on the floor. It turns out to be Foxingtons, in which authorities realized that it was stolen by Crimson Paw years before. Marmalade then gets arrested for his actions. 


The Bad Guys are then released from prison, one year later, for their good behavior, and then start their crime fighting careers. 


Overall this movie was very good as it offered several twists in turns. You never knew who was going to be a good character versus a bad character. It kept viewers on their toes as there was a new problem every few minutes. The ending also showed a great message as the characters turned from bad to good. They learned how to be good even though it took some of them several tries. In the end, I would give this movie a 3 out of 5 stars, since it was good but it was nothing I would rave about.