The Rockies First Few Weeks in Season

The Colorado Rockies Have Been Having A Good Season So Far And Fans Hope They Can Continue The Streak.

The Colorado Rockies Have Been Having A Good Season So Far And Fans Hope They Can Continue The Streak.

Emily Eigenbrode

The Rockies, a team that you never know how they’re going to play. However, almost all MLB fans know that the Colorado Rockies generally aren’t very good. With the loss of Nolan Arenado, perhaps the best third baseman to play in the MLB, to the Saint Louis Cardinals, and  Trevor Story  , to the Boston Red Sox, the Rockies haven’t been playing super well since. In 2017 they did receive the second wild card spot in the National League and they advanced to the playoffs for the first time since 2009. This was one of the best times for Rockies fans as they were doing very well. However it has somewhat gone downhill with the loss of major players. 


But it’s important to note that the Colorado Rockies made one of the biggest deals they’ve ever made this year and that was the Kris Bryant trade. Kris Bryant was shockingly traded to the Rockies. And something to know about the Rockies is that they arent known for spending big money on players so this was unusual.  Kris Bryant is an all around good player which will be helpful in the Rockies slump. Let’s look more into how the Rockies have been doing so far in their season that just started a few weeks ago. 


The Rockies are currently 3rd in the National League West with the Giants ahead of them and the Dodgers in first. The Rockies are starting out the season pretty decent so far with a record of 7 wins and 3 losses. The Dodgers are currently at 8 wins and 3 losses, so they have played more games than the Rockies have, which means they could get up into that first place position. There is still a really long way to go in the season but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t keep winning. 


When looking at the numbers right now it’s important to note that they’re only 5% of the way through the season. However, their stats right now are looking pretty good and if they can keep it up they can be a force to be reckoned with. As of now their batting average is at a .280 which is more than their last season record with a .249 being the average. With the addition of a few players and just better hitting this has raised their average. Their OPS is also up as it is .797 right now compared to their .731 from last year. The Rockies are doing shockingly well right now, and fans hope that they can keep their streak alive. 


The Rockies played the Cubs a few nights ago which was an interesting game as this was the first time Kris Byrant was playing in a different uniform besides his old Cubs uniform. The Rockies beat the Cubs 9-6 as they were not afraid to hit. This probably felt really good for Kris Bryant to leave his old team and then go to a team that beat his old team. The Rockies can be known for not hitting perfect balls or not reading them correctly. But this season they are swinging at every perfect ball, which has been working really well so far. 


Even though the Rockies are only 5% of the way through their regular season, they are doing really well. Fans hope that they can keep this winning streak going through the rest of the season with their good hitting and good fielding. If the Rockies can keep this up, they might be a force to be reckoned with. But only time will tell if the Rockies can pull this season off. What do you think will be the Rockies’ fate?