BIC is Best

Morgan Martinez-Gee

As students, we all have enjoyed our fair share of pencils. Simple things ranging from wood and plastic, but they always have one thing in common. Lead. But what casing for this lead is the best? Well, I, a high school student and student for 12 years and counting, have found that BIC velocity mechanical pencil is the best option, for the affordability, comfort in hand, and durability are all some of the reasons BIC is best.

We’ve all had pencils that just don’t work. To the point not being sharpened, or handle being too short, or the shell itself being uncomfortable in our hands, pencils are just hard to use. That’s why many are drawn to pens, but the drawback of no way to erase that pen makes it hard. So, what if there was a pencil in the shape of a pen? That is where BIC comes in. With the slim design and rubber handle, comfort is hand and hand with BIC (quite literally). And yes, there are other pencils made to look like pens, but BIC has one of the most pen-like structures I’ve ever seen. And once you run out of lead, instead of having to take out the eraser (which is still an option), or with other pencils having to throw it away because you can’t get the eraser out, Bic velocity can be unscrewed to put more lead in.

When shopping for back-to-school, pencils are always number one, and affordability is a high rule on that list. And while it is very agreeable that No.2 pencils are the cheapest, most children do not want those pencils. So, next in affordability, is BIC. With the added amount of structure on these pencils previously mentioned, BIC is an absolute steal. For two pencils and two containers of lead, 10 dollars out of your pocket. Or, if that is not a big enough steal for you, what about 6 pencils for 10 dollars. With the quality of these pencils, they are surely worth it.

As students, we all get a little rowdy sometimes. A normal occurrence on other BIC pencils is the small piece of plastic that attaches to papers or pockets often snaps off with ease. BIC velocity has a durable, aluminum clip that takes a lot of energy to snap. And, adding onto the weak structure of other pencils, they often snap completely in half with little to no force. BIC velocity has a strong, thick plastic casing that will hurt you before you hurt it. 

BIC velocity mechanical pencil is the best option for traveling students, going from class to class. And with its growing popularity, don’t be shocked if people steal your incredibly durable, easy to use, affordable pencil.