How to Find Inspiration to Write (Satire)

How to Find Inspiration to Write (Satire)

Erika Lewis

Many writers can argue that the most difficult part of the writing process is finding inspiration to write. Fortunately, I have some tips and tricks to help provide inspiration that any writer might find useful. 


Listen to New Music

For a large group of people, listening to new music can provide a lot of inspiration. It causes new thoughts to flow through the author’s mind. Finding new music, either through requests from friends or just finding random songs, will hopefully get those gears in your head turning. 


Write Backstories for Random People You See Outside

Everyday we pass by random people or just see people outside by looking out of the windows of our homes. However, a good way to get inspiration is to create backstories for all of these people we see. Perhaps you can create the story that someone is a secret spy working for the government, and accidentally expose them, or you could write about how they are searching for a long lost family member. There are endless possibilities of things to write when it comes to giving random people a life of their own. 


Take a Walk

Another great way to find inspiration is to go outside and clear your head. Walking down the road or along a path whether alone, with a dog, or with a friend will hopefully bring those inspirational thoughts to the surface. 


Kidnap People and Force Them to Listen to You Spew Ideas

Sometimes you have to take drastic measures and hunt down some people on the street to help you. There comes a time in every young author’s life when they need to master the art of kidnapping innocent civilians and forcing them to listen to you talk about the plans for your book. However, if you do this, don’t forget that, when you let them go, they have to swear not to tell anyone about your book, especially the police. However, if the police hunt you down just explain everything to them and they will understand. Well… sometimes they understand. 


Summon a Demon

Sometimes things of this world cannot help us find inspiration and so we have to look to other resources. For this all you have to do is grab a ouija board and summon a demon of some kind. This probably won’t help you get inspiration but at least now you have a pet demon and something else to worry about. However, if you summon a good one he will be very polite and have a cup of tea with you while discussing ideas. Trust me, it’s a good time. 


Break Into Your Favorite Author’s House and Ask for Advice

Everyone has a favorite author that they look to when they need inspiration. However, sometimes looking in the books they’ve written isn’t enough. If that’s the case the next best thing is to break into their home and demand advice. You could ask nicely but most of the time they just yell “get out of my house” or “I’m calling the cops”. But, if you tie them up they cannot do that and you can stay as long as you wish, or at least until their neighbor wakes up. 


Give Up and Cry Yourself to Sleep

There are times when nothing is working and inspiration never comes to you. My best advice for that isn’t to keep trying, oh no, it’s to simply give up. Sit on the couch with a bowl of icecream and cry as you realize that the inspiration well has run dry. Eventually, you’ll probably pass out and won’t have to worry about the problem anymore until you wake up. After you wake up, don’t keep trying just quit and find a new hobby, maybe learn how to knit or carve things out of wood. Anything but writing because, like you’ve realized at this point, the gears of inspiration have rusted and officially have stopped working. [This is an attack on Ayla >:)]


As you can see there are many different ways that you can get inspiration back. Hopefully, some, if not all, of these ideas were helpful and you’re able to get back to writing. If not, too bad.