How Weight Lifting Can Save Lives

Giuliana Carmosino

Why do people go to the gym? To get their dream bodies? Lose weight? Maybe to achieve a New Year’s resolution? All of these things may seem to be a result of working out, but there are numerous health benefits both mentally and physically that can come from even the slightest amounts of activity. Many people use working out as a break and a way to get away from normal life. Whether that be relationship troubles, family troubles, and oftentimes as a physical escape. Some might even be able to say that working out has been a life saver. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that working out can achieve. 

Physical Health

One of the most clear benefits that comes from working out is easily seen as the physical health of an individual. Strength training, which is also known as weight training or resistance training, is a form of physical activity that improves your muscular strength and fitness by isolating a specific muscle or muscle group. Although many people believe that only bodybuilders are able to lift heavy weights, all ages will benefit from this type of training. People of all ages and fitness levels who workout, are able to highly prevent the natural loss of lean muscle mass that comes with aging. Weight lifting can also benefit people that have chronic health conditions such as obesity, arthritis, or a heart condition. Ramona Braganza, a Los Angeles celebrity personal trainer states, “For some people, the phrase strength training is intimidating, but it’s enhancing your ability to move safely and effectively in your life.” This statement basically explains how weight training is perceived by the public, however, it serves so many incredible benefits to your physical health, and can ultimately help you live a healthier and happier life. Some of the biggest health benefits that come from weight lifting include…

  • Making you stronger
  • Burning calories efficiently 
  • Can help you to appear leaner
  • Decrease your risk of falls at old age
  • Lowers your risk of injury 
  • Improves heart and brain health
  • Helps manage your blood sugar levels
  • Promotes greater mobility and flexibility
  • Makes your bones stronger


Along with the list above, weight lifting has numerous benefits to the physical health of an individual and can potentially help improve other aspects of your life.

Mental Health

Many individuals only think that weight lifting only improves your physical health, however, there are also many factors and studies pointing to the improvement of your mental health once you start lifting. One of the main effects on your mental health while lifting is the self-esteem boost that one may have while working out. Lifting can help you overcome challenges, work toward a goal, and appreciate the unknown strength that your body holds. For example, it can increase your self-efficiency which can lead to a greater boost in confidence. Regular weight training can boost your mood and improve your mental health. A handful of studies have shown that it can help to reduce anxiety and depression. Exercising produces as well as pumps your endorphins which are stored in your pituitary gland and the hypothalamus, and are released as a result of pain or stress. Endorphins are the body’s natural painkillers which when released causes a feeling of overall well-being as well as relieving pain. The increase of working out will increase the endorphins that are being released which will then increase the well-being feeling that you get from endorphins. I started weightlifting just about a year ago, and I easily became hooked. I began to suddenly notice differences in my mood as well as in my body.  

Weight lifting is a form of physical activity that can have major impacts on multiple areas of your life, like physical and mental health. There have been numerous studies that have linked strength training to an increased quality of life. Overall, weight lifting can be seen as a way to improve many aspects of health that would benefit anyone who tries it.