School Stress Going Into Finals

School Stress Going Into Finals

Nicholas Lockwood


There has been a large concern from students around finals. Finals have always been stressful. The uncertainty around getting a good grade in class, the ability to study important material that was given throughout the semester, and needing to give charismatic presentations sit back in the minds of numerous students. What is the correct course of action to navigate this stressful time for students? While the answer might not be simple, here are some tips that would help with finals and other scholarly material. 


Tips for Finals:

1.) Study with Great Time Management

This is a great way to improve for the final exams and have a secure amount of confidence in your ability. Finals have always been mostly about material learned throughout the semester, so having a clear and organized knowledge of topics is important. However, you don’t want to get carried away with studying. Sleep deprivation and other distractions will not only harm you mentally, but not make you have great success in exams. Studying in short segments and finding out what is needed to be remembered for the exam is extremely critical. So, it is great to study, but don’t get carried away.


2.) Have A Good Support System

Having a good support system will help you in finals and not only outside of school. Everyone needs help, so it will greatly benefit anyone to form a study group, hang out with friends, or hear new information from relatives. 


3.) Shining Light at the End of A Tunnel

Even with finals giving stress, it is a relief that the semester is over for a great number of students. Having a break from education and focusing on life outside of school is helpful for expanding on a support system. Think of what happened during this semester and reflect on how to become a better student, but also a better person. Having complex thought processes is critically important to the path towards adulthood.


Good Luck on the Exams! And Study Hard!