Paper Mario: A 2D Trip to the Past P.3

Paper Mario: A 2D Trip to the Past P.3

Erika Lewis

Disclaimer: This article is a part three of three and contains spoilers for the last two Paper Mario games.


Through the years there have been many Mario games but the most recent two have been just as amazing as the original. They have carried the same funny banter and engaging storyline. Along with that they have added amazing new things as well that make the games much more enjoyable. 


Paper Mario: Color Splash

The fifth game in the series is Paper Mario: Color Splash and it was released on October 7, 2016 for the Wii U. Because you have to play this game on the gamepad they were able to add some new things that are similar to Sticker Star. With the double screens, one on the gamepad and the other on the TV, the creators were able to do a lot more with controls. 

Something in this game that is similar to almost all the other games is that Bowser is, once again, the main antagonist. However, this time it isn’t necessarily his fault. When Bowser had gone to Port Prisma, where the game takes place, he saw the fountain full of paint fueled by the giant paint stars. He figured he could get a rainbow shell if he spun in the middle of the fountain. However, all did not go according to plan. When he spun around the paint mixed together and turned into black paint. The paint coated Bowser and with it proceeded to basically turn him more evil. 

Now, you might be wondering what a giant paint star is. They are what Mario is trying to rescue and what Bowser is trying to capture. They aren’t just there to be saved though. For a little context when you arrive at Port Prisma you found all the toads’ paint was drained as well as the paint from several other things. Everyone is confused as to why that happened, especially Mario and his partner Huey, more on him later. Fortunately for the both of them each paint star has a fragment memory of what happened. As you find and rescue them they share their memory with you and Mario and Huey are able to piece together what happened to the town. 

The previously mentioned Huey is Mario’s companion throughout this game. He is a paint can who is set on rescuing the paint stars as he is essentially their guardian. He is probably the snarkiest and most sarcastic partner Mario has ever come across. Of course, this adds to the humor of the game as well as makes the player become attached to his character. Personally, he is my favorite companion that Mario has to work with through all six games. 

Something else Huey can do is give Mario the power to paint. This is very important as Bowser’s minions have sucked up so much of the paint. It is also important as there are some cards you have to paint in. Now, the cards are a lot like the stickers from sticker star. Whatever cards you have dictate the attacks you can do. They are critical for battle. Something unique with them that changes them from sticker star is some of the cards, as mentioned, have to be painted while others are pre painted. 

Something that ties into both Huey and the cards are these items called “things”. Basically they are physical items that aren’t paper and 2D that Mario has to squeeze the paint out of which turns them into cards. These “things” are essential to get through certain parts of the game. Without some of them it is impossible for Mario to progress forward. Fortunately you are able to use “things” as many times as you want, not the card itself but you can find the “things” over and over, which is sometimes required. 


Paper Mario: Origami King

The most recent Paper Mario game that was released is Paper Mario: Origami King which was released for the Nintendo Switch on July 17, 2020. This game definitely stands out from all the games before it as it introduces new bosses, villains, and fighting style. 

As mentioned the game has a main villain that isn’t Bowser (shocking I know). The antagonist’s name is King Olly and he is the leader of what he called the Folded Soldiers. Basically they are normal enemies, think goombas, shyguys, and koopa troopas, except folded to be origami. Because Olly stole some of Bowser’s minions this caused Bowser to actually be on Mario’s side and help him at one point during the game. This is also because Olly stole Peach and folded her into Origami which enraged Bowser since he’s the one that’s supposed to capture her. 

Along with having a new main villain the end of level bosses are also very new. Instead of being one of Bowser’s minions but more powerful they are art supplies. You fight everything from colored pencils to eventually a stapler. These definitely make things with the gameplay different as well as boss fights in general. 

Speaking of boss fights it’s not just their battles that are different, it’s all of them. Instead of using cards or stickers like the previous two games. Instead the fights are more puzzle solving based. It’s difficult to explain but you have to be good at seeing ahead and also being able to line things up that originally seem impossible to line up. It definitely makes the battles more interesting but also at times more frustrating. Fortunately you have your trusted partner, Olivia, to help you. 

Like I just said, your companion in this game is Olivia. Now she is interesting because she is actually the sister of Olly which is why she is so intent on helping Mario. She can be annoying at times though as she basically is a young child. However, Olivia isn’t the only partner you have in the entire game. There are certain points in the game when you gain a temporary partner who helps you. You get a bob-omb at one point and later have an adventure toad and there is even one point when Kamek is helping you. It is definitely very interesting but it’s a nice nod to the original two games. 


Although all the Paper Mario games are different for each other they all have one thing that they share in common. They are all fun and exciting to play. Each of them is definitely worth playing at least once and some are good enough to play more than that. They are also so wholesome making them good for anyone of all ages. It’s exciting to see if Nintendo will have any more Paper Mario games for us and if they will be as fun as the first six. I guess we’ll just have to wait patiently and see!