Star Wars: Visions Rating

Star Wars: Visions Rating

Erika Lewis

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for Star Wars Visions and I will be covering the english dubbed version.


Many fans were super excited when it was announced that there would be a star wars anime. When it started streaming on September 22, 2021 fans jumped at the chance to watch it. It was a chance to see Star Wars in a new way and style. However, some episodes were better than others and there are definitely ones I would watch again while others I probably would not. 

  • The Ninth Jedi

The Ninth Jedi was the fifth episode out of the nine that were given to us and rated as my personal favorite. In this episode eight Jedi come together in hopes of receiving lightsabers. The person they are also expecting to meet is nowhere to be found and they speculate it could be a trap. We then get to see the lightsaber smith’s daughter escape the people who captured her father as she goes to bring the Jedi their lightsabers. Several plot twists then unfold at the end that were definitely surprises. 

The characters and the plot of the episode definitely help make it the top ranking episode. It is also one that is definitely rewatchable because although the suspense is gone the story and characters are still intriguing. 

  • The Elder

The Elder was the seventh episode and is a very close second. In the episode we get to see a Jedi Master and his padawan apprentice, Dan. They travel to a planet where they sense the darkside and where they find out someone recently landed and went up to the mountains. Dan, anxious to figure out who it is, goes up to the mountains where he runs into an old man who reveals himself to be a highly trained sith. Dan only barely manages to survive because his Master comes and rescues him. In the end Dan and his Master are left wondering what other darksiders are out there and what threat they pose. 

This episode was a very close second. The characters are stunning and the overall plot is very intriguing. Much like the first one, although the suspense is gone it is still worth watching over and over again to enjoy the characters and style. 

  • The Village Bride

In this episode we see a man and a woman who we quickly pick up are newly married. We also meet a masked woman and her friend who is an older man. As the episode progresses it arrives that the newly married woman plans on giving herself over to the enemy to ensure peace for her village. This doesn’t sit well with the masked woman but she doesn’t do anything at first. However when the enemy arrives and starts threatening people and takes the bride, the masked woman reveals herself to be a Jedi and saves the bride and the village. 

I thought this was a really nice episode. It had a very nice art style that really helped to the vibe of the episode. It also had a very interesting story line that was engaging and there was the air of mystery surrounding the masked jedi. Although we never fully discovered who her friend was, it had a very satisfying ending. It is definitely one of the ones I would watch again. 

  • Lop & Ochō

This episode starts with a young bunny humanoid girl who seems to be living on the streets to escape slavery. That is until she is found by Ochō and her father. They adopt her into their family and then the episode skips forward a couple years. In the episode Lop and Ochō’s father is fighting against the Empire and the Empire doesn’t like that. To Lop’s surprise, however, her sister ends up joining the Empire. Ochō’s father was wounded by this but he knows what to do. He grants Lop a lightsaber and tells her to fight Ochō and so she does. And she wins but loses her sister in the process. 

I fairly enjoyed this episode. It was full of heartbreak and happiness as well as adventure. It was also interesting to watch the relationship between the characters and the plot was very enjoyable. The episode does sort of end, implying there is more that could be told and I would love to see it but it doesn’t affect the episode. It is an interesting episode but most definitely a good one that I would watch again. 

  • The Duel

In this episode it starts with a traveler heading to a town with his droid companion. Not too long after he arrives in the village a group of pirates attack the town and start destroying homes and attacking people. The unknown traveler is unable to just sit around and goes to do something. That is when a masked woman reveals herself and by her red lightsaber we can assume she is a sith or something similar. The traveler, well into the fight, reveals that he also has a lightsaber that is also red. He then defeats the woman and takes her lightsaber and puts the kyber crystal in his pocket. A child approaches him and he then gives the kid a crystal before retrieving his droid and leaving. 

This episode was definitely a great start to the show. The story was rather intriguing and it leaves the viewer with several questions and just thinking in general about who the traveler really is. The style was also very interesting and was something Star Wars hadn’t seen before. It was definitely one that I would consider watching again. 

  • The Twins

The episode “The Twins” is the 3rd episode of the anime. It starts off with a masked and cloaked figure sneaking around a ship where they eventually steal something. It then cuts to a masked and cloaked woman who explains who she and her twin brother were born of the darkside confirming they are both sith. It’s then quickly discovered that something was stolen off the ship and the woman goes to confront her brother who eventually reveals that he did take it. The two then start battling and after an intense and epic battle the man wins and escapes. He then vows that he is going to save his sister from evil as soon as he can. 

I thought this episode was rather interesting, however to me it was a little intense. The overall plot of it seemed kind of dull and just overall uninteresting. I did however really like the art style and the characters seemed like they held a lot of potential. I mainly wish that the plot had been a bit broader but it was an alright episode overall. 

  • T0-B1

In this episode we are introduced to a scientist who has a young robot named T0-B1 who wishes for nothing more than to be a Jedi. However the scientist warns him to stop that line of thinking as it could result in negative consequences. Still being somewhat like a young boy T0-B1 doesn’t heed the scientist’s words and because of this a sith, or something like a sith, finds the scientist and kills him. T0-B1 has to then learn the ways of the Jedi so he can defeat them. He eventually does learn how to properly wield a lightsaber like a jedi and defeats the sith. 

Although this was a good episode it definitely wasn’t as strong as all the other ones before it. The plot is just a little bland and predictable and not everything adds up. Along with it it takes itself a little too seriously for what it actually is. Although I probably won’t watch the episode again I don’t regret watching it the first time. 

  • Tatooine Rhapsody

Tatooine Rhapsody was definitely an interesting episode to say the very least. In a brief summary the episode is about a Jedi padawan who almost dies and decides to instead become the lead singer in a rock band. In the episode we learn from Boba Fett that the hutt in the band is wanted by Jabba the Hutt and he tries to capture him. Of course, since he’s Boba Fett, he eventually does but before he is executed there is one request. The Band asks if they can all play together one last time and Jabba agrees. Jabba was so touched by the music he agrees to not kill the hutt and the band goes free. 

This episode, much like that last, wasn’t as strong as it could have been. It also, similar to T0-B1, takes itself much too seriously for what the actual thing is. In my opinion the only redeemable trait is that in the english dubbed version Boba Fett is voiced by Temuera Morrison who is the same person who played Jango Fett and Boba Fett in the Mandalorian and the Book of Boba Fett. 

  • Akakiri

Akakiri was the last episode that streamed. In this episode there is a Jedi who returns to a planet to help the princess as she was forced out of her castle by an evil force user. He agrees to help her along with her two guides. They make their way to the castle and once they arrive the Princess is killed. The Jedi then has to make a decision. He can either choose the light but lose the woman he loves or join the dark and save her. He ends up joining the evil and saving the Princess but the ending wasn’t happy. 

This is probably my least favorite episode because of the ending. Every single episode had a happy ending except this one which would normally be fine except it was the last episode. Had it come earlier in the show it would have been fine but it was, in my opinion, a sad ending to show. It was very unsatisfying and disappointing. 


Star Wars: Visions was definitely something new to the star wars cinema but it wasn’t a bad thing. It was interesting to see Star Wars portrayed in a new style and done in a new way. It was a great experience to watch all of the episodes and it would be cool to see more. Overall I would give the show a 7/10 as there are something’s I think could be improved. It is still definitely worth watching and I recommend that you do. However, unfortunately, probably won’t be any future season but the first is good enough to make up for that. May the force be with you.