Build Crew Interview

Build Crew Interview

Ayla Wise

Below is an interview with Alex R, who worked on the set of “Noises Off” as a member of Build Crew. This is a brief interview detailing their time spent there.


Interviewer: Hey, thanks for coming. 

Alex: No problem.

Interviewer: Let’s get started. So, what grade are you in?

Alex: I’m a freshman. So, ninth grade.

Interviewer: Cool. How long did you work on the set?

Alex: I think we started in August, maybe? How long were we there? What month is it?

Interviewer: October.

Alex: So about two months. Yeah, two months.

Interviewer: So, what did you do?

Alex: I was in Build Crew. I helped carry stuff around, drilled stuff here and there, I painted. I mean, painting is not a part of build crew but I still did it. Oh, and we got to eat food. That was cool.

Interviewer: Great. So, overall, how was your experience working with them?

Alex: It was pretty fun, besides that time we got yelled at for playing chicken with the lift, which we did not do(the drama teachers had gotten a false report of people on Build Crew running around the cherry-picker when it was still moving). The people were part of the most fun, they were pretty nice and accepting. I mean, most of them worshiped rocks, but they were still nice.

Interviewer: Okay, great. That’s all the questions I had for you, so, thanks for coming.

Alex: I brought a rock-


Build Crew will resume at the next play. Go to the HHS website and the Drama department to submit a form to join for the next time they meet.