The Adventure Continues with the Bad Batch

The Adventure Continues with the Bad Batch

Erika Lewis

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the show Star Wars: The Bad Batch! This is also a part so if you haven’t read the first part it’s recommended you read that first!


Many fans who watched Star Wars: The Bad Batch all the way through agreed that every new episode was better than the previous. That statement is understandable because, as the show continued, so many old characters made an appearance exciting fans of The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels. 



The plot of this episode revolved around the Bad Batch retrieving the head of a tactical droid for Cid. Tactical droids showed up most frequently in the clone wars TV show and played a large part in the clone wars. They also carried a large amount of intel on how to fight the clones. The Bad Batch explains that the want for them went up since the soldiers for the Empire, now everyone’s enemy, were clones; there was a higher demand for the information the tactical droids held. 

Also in this episode some familiar faces popped up that fans didn’t expect they would be seeing again. We had the chance to see Rafa and Trace Martez who were first seen in The Clone Wars season seven episode five. Now unfortunately many people cringed when they appeared on screen as they were not a crowd favorite. However after watching this episode many people who disliked the Martez sisters started warming up to them. 

One of the most heartbreaking things in this episode happened when Wrecker hit himself in the head. Now in the previous episodes he was complaining about having a headache and many feared it was the chip. It was confirmed in this episode when Wrecker hit his head once again. He then started muttering the disturbing phrase “good soldiers follow orders”. Again this is a call back to the first four episodes of season six of the clone wars when Tup’s chip activated early and he said that before killing his jedi. 

Finally, at the end of the episode we see the Martez sisters talking to a hooded figure. Which left the lingering question- is this friend of foe?


Battle Scars

This episode held a cameo that left many fans breathless. Captain Rex, the character fans have been excited for since the trailer, finally made his appearance. He ends up being the one that identifies there is definitely something wrong with Wrecker’s chip. He says “I’ve seen what happens when the chip activates and I don’t want to bury any more of our brothers.” This is him referring to his experience of Order 66 and having to watch Jesse betray him and then later having to bury him and several others. Later he also mentions that he also had help removing his chip. This of course is him referring to Ahsoka Tano helping him out. 

In the episode they also visit the junkyard planet of Bracca. Now people who are fans of the video game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. They would recognize this planet to be the place where Cal Kestis was hiding after order 66. Unfortunately we never got to even so much as catch a glimpse of this young jedi. 

Also in this episode we had more chances to see what the inhibitor chips do. In this episode Wreckers chip finally fully activates. We watch as he tries to kill Tech, Echo, Hunter, Rex, and even Omega. After everything gets resolved and all the members of the Bad Batch get their chips removed we learn something that hurts every clone trooper fan’s heart. We are informed that during order 66, after the chips were activated, all the clones were conscious of what they were doing. They knew what they were doing was wrong but there was just nothing they were able to do about it except watch themselves betray their friends. 

Fans were very sad to have not seen Crosshair in this episode but with the mining guild reporting the bad batch to the empire he might show his face soon. 



Episode eight had the return of Crosshair and he, somehow, managed to show he has been able to become more ruthless and cold than before. He calls the bad batch Clone Force 99 which is their more professional title. How he refers to them just shows how much he has grown distant from the rest of his squad. This is heartbreaking as when we saw them in the clone wars they were so close. We also see that the Bad Batch has grown distant from Crosshair especially when they face off and Crosshair shows just how little he cares about them, or at least pretends to. 

Rumors are spreading involving Crosshair being on this planet and also getting a horrible burn. Since this was the place where the rest of the Bad Batch got their chips removed, people have been guessing Crosshair might have gotten his chip removed here too. However this theory will mean more later. 

This episode also had a cameo that caused all the fans to gasp in shock. We had the pleasure of seeing the infamous Bounty Hunter from the clone wars, Cad Bane. This came as a shock nobody could have expected because in unfinished episodes of the clone wars we watch Boba Fett kill Cad Bane. Seeing that that has now become legends and Cad Bane lives on. 

Cad Bane is known for being one of the most ruthless hunters in the galaxy and the bad batch being new to the whole non-soldier thing there is a chance they won’t be getting Omega back. 


Bounty Lost

This episode holds the return of Fennec Shand who was seen previously in episode four and before that seen in the Mandalorian. We learn that she and Cad Bane were hired by different people although both are hunting Omega. We find out Cad Bane’s mission was to bring Omega to Lama Su. Fennec on the other hand was given the mission to keep Omega out of Lama Su’s grasp and she was hired by Nala Se. 

Now the reason that Cad Bane was hunting Omega, as previously touched on, was so that Lama Su could extract her pure DNA so he could have unaltered DNA to make more clones. We found out in this episode that the reason Omega is so valuable is because she has pure unaltered DNA and is only one of two clones like this. The first is code named Alpha but more well known as Boba Fett aka the clone Jango Fett wanted to raise as his son. However with Omega having pure and unaltered DNA there is some confusion regarding how true that is. This is because Jango Fett, the clone donor, is male with brown hair while Omega is female with blonde hair. Unfortunately this wasn’t ever touched too much onto and many fans were left in confusion. 

Moving on, the place Omega was running around trying to flee Cad Bane held some interesting things. First it has a very similar layout to Tipoca city, the place where the kaminoans live and the clones were created. We also have a chance to see some old cloning equipment which many people suspect might have some involvement in the sequel movies. Many believe it has some ties to Supreme Leader Snoke and the early cloning process of Palpatine. 

After Omega got captured the Bad Batch is going to be more protective than ever. There is the likely chance it will take a while before they allow Omega to go with them on another mission.


Common Ground

In this episode the Bad Batch had a bit of conflict between who they are as soldiers and who they have to be now. They were given a job by Cid to go to the planet of Raxus and free the senator who was captured by the Empire. Hunter, Tech, and Wrecker don’t seem to mind that they were helping an ex-separtist but Echo was not pleased. This is not surprising though considering the way that the separatists treated him. The Bad Batch seems to have forgotten that Echo was turned into a science experiment and made into a cyborg. However by the end Echo does warm up to the senator and even says “Live to fight another day” and this is a reference to when Hardcase sacrifices himself in season four of clone wars. 

Now back to the planet they visited. It has made an appearance before in Star Wars the Clone Wars. This was the place where we met Padme’s separatist senator, Mina Bonteri. It was also where Ahsoka met Mina’s son, Lux Bonteri, who makes several appearances in the Clone Wars and who Ahsoka grew rather close to.

At the end of the episode Hunter and Omega play a round of Dejarik to see if Omega will be able to go on more missions or not. Will Omega win, allowing her to go on every mission with the Bad Batch, or will Hunter come out victorious, holding Omega back from feeling like a real member of the team?


It’s not hard to tell that Dave Filoni made this show in hopes to entertain the fans. And entertain them he did while also bringing in several known places and characters from both Clone Wars and Rebels. The show definitely doesn’t disappoint and fans have completely fallen in love with it! However there are so many things left unresolved that the Bad Batch will have to sort out in later episodes.