Activities for the Spring:

Nicholas Lockwood



The spring is a season of the year when the outdoors start to heat up significantly. The heating up of the weather causes the flowers to blossom and the trees to become green again. The air is significantly fresher with the summer and parks are about to be packed. This provides a sense for establishing new activities that numerous people can participate in during the summer. So what exactly are these new activities that numerous people can participate in?

The Fresh Outdoors:

The weather is starting to heat up with conformable weather abound for the future. This conformable can allow for more people to move outdoors and establish new plans for the summer and warmer weather. Various activities that can be completed outside can include:

  • Tennis
  • Hiking
  • Running / Biking
  • Volleyball 
  • Basketball

The Original Outdoors:

The indoors are also an option for people who aren’t a fan of the outdoors. This can be due to numerous circumstances including the fear of bugs, the hatred of hot weather, and the inability to access those issues. Various activities inside are similar to quarantine as of the previous year but can include starting meetings with numerous friends. This can include:

Various Zoom Chat Rooms

  • Playing Video Games
  • Establishing Board Games with Friends
  • And Even More.

The Easing Restrictions and Expansion to the Vaccine: Various activities have been open safely due to the expansion of the vaccine. The expansion of the vaccine has caused loosening restrictions relating to the effort of mask wearing in the United States, especially for vaccinated individuals. This is explained clearly under the new guidelines from the CDC and the behavior relating to the participation of actions that could be considered risky for those who are unvaccinated. This opens a new door towards including a new movement on becoming more open to various activities without large restrictions from the pandemic and shows a bright future for the country related to interaction.