Recent Update on The Bad Batch

Erika Lewis


After the show, The Bad Batch, was announced almost a year ago star wars fans have been dying waiting for it to start airing on Disney+. Now after ten months we only have one more month left to wait. Fortunately to keep fans thinking and occupied there was a new trailer released on March 30th, 2021. So much more was revealed in this one than what was revealed in the teaser and fans are buzzing about all that was revealed. 

The trailer starts off with the Bad Batch, Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, Crosshair, and Echo, on Kamino after order 66. Along with them we see Admiral Tarkin who we all know becomes a Grand Moff standing next to Lama Su who is the Prime Minister of Kimino. They are testing the Bad Batch against several training droids who they quickly destroy through their violent means. 

Later in the trailer we also see the Bad Batch going against storm troopers revealing that this group of Clones is most likely not working alongside the Empire. To further the argument they are not imperial is at one point Tarkin is ordering them to be found and wiped out which I doubt he would want for an imperial squad. This has been a controversial topic ever since they were introduced. Many fans argue they never executed order 66 and they weren’t with the Empire while others argue differently. Hopefully, in this show we will receive a definite answer therefore ending the debate. 

A new character that was introduced in this trailer is a young clone who is named Omega. She is a female clone and many believe that she is either the last clone or part of the last batch of clones. Either way she is a completely new character who looks up and knows who the bad batch is. Omega is definitely different as for her weapons of choice. Instead of the normal blaster, she uses a bow that was used only by the night sisters. 

Along with the new face of Omega we do get a chance to see there will be several familiar faces. Obviously I mentioned the Bad Batch, Tarkin, and Lama Su but there are others who will be making an appearance. The first is Fennec Shand who first appeared in The Mandalorian. She appears to be an assassin, similar to the Mandalorian, but it will definitely be fascinating to see her again but younger. Another character will be the infamous Saw Garrera who has appeared in The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels, and Rogue One. From what is shown we can infer that the Bad Batch might be working with him hinting they might be with the early rebellion and be some of the extremists. The final familiar face that was shown is Captain Rex. In just a few frames of the trailer we see him with the Bad Batch and Omega who tagged along with them. This excited many fans as they can’t wait to see more of their favorite 501st Clone Captain. 

Now covering some theories that fans have come up with. The first is that the planet that we see Rex with the Bad Batch on is the moon where Ahsoka Tano and Captain Rex crashed their republic cruiser during order 66. Although this is unlikely many fans know that Dave Filoni, the director of the show, likes connecting things from different shows and movies. Another theory several fans have is that something tragic is going to happen to Crosshair. For some background why while watching the trailer about halfway through Crosshair stops appearing and showing up with the rest of the Bad Batch. Perhaps this is just a coincidence but many fans believe otherwise. There is the theory that Crosshair is either going to get killed or, a more popular theory, join the Empire and betray the clone group. Either way it will be terrible and heart breaking. 

All of what was shown in the trailer is so exciting and fans are buzzing for the show to come out. The Bad Batch will start streaming on May 4th and the premiere will be 70 minutes long. From there a new episode will stream every Friday. Stay calm fans, we have less than a month left but until then, may the force be with you.