What will the remainder of the school year look like?

How has Horizon responded to the pandemic?


Nadiya Romo

On January 14, 2021 the Adams 12 5 Star Distract sent an email blast regarding plans about the remainder of the school year. After going back fully remote in October it was unknown when the next time students would step in a school again would be. However, before Winter Break there was talk stirring up that students would be returning to school at the end of January. The decision was to be made January 15,2021 regarding if we would go back to our hybrid model or remain fully remote. 

What factors affected the decision? 

The ongoing pandemic has shaken the world. Normal activities became obsolete in the awakening of the deadly virus. As of January 13, 2021 the cases were 2,390. The cases are on a steady decrease although the death’s are going to surpass 400,000 by the middle of next week. Although, at this point in time it is safe enough to go back in the classrooms again. Experts predicted that 950,000 more Americans will die by the end of next week. Those numbers send a sense of urgency to scientists and governors to get vaccines distributed. Today January 14, 2021 there were 5,285 deaths in Colorado alone. Even though the vaccine is being distributed as fast as they can the United States is behind due to a shortage. It seems as though we are spiraling into a dark hole but light comes, scientists tell people. 

So, what is the plan for going back to school?

In the late afternoon on January 14,2021 an email was sent to the parents and students of the district. The board made the decision to return the students who chose the hybrid model on January 25th. This decision didn’t come without any change from semester one hybrid model. Instead, on the days students don’t attend in person learning they will be expected to zoom into class while the other half is in person.  While some families are not going to be participating in the awaited return back to school the option for full time remote was a continuity between the two semesters plans. The offer still stands for those families who choose to utilize it. Teachers are preparing for the next week to return to the classrooms. Feelings of relief are going through the air in hopes of returning to some sort of normalcy.