Iphone 12 Release

Another Step Forward in the world of Technology

Blue iPhone 12

Blue iPhone 12

Nadiya Romo

Apple has been a revolutionary topic moving forward in the future. On October 23, 2020 Apple officially announced its launch on the new Iphone 12. People went crazy for the new phone and began pre ordering but with the ongoing pandemic may have put a dent in their plans for Christmas gifts this year. 

What is new about the Iphone 12? 

While there are many similarities between phones from the previous years Apple keeps building off their platform making each new phone better than the last. It keeps customers waiting anxiously to be in the bubble of the newest technology. The Iphone 12 comes in two sizes 6.1 and 5.4 inch. Although there are different sizes the features are the same so your preference of size won’t affect the quality you will get! The new toy allows you to get more clarity in your low light photography pictures due to the pro camera system created. Moreover, there is more screen and a ceramic shield that is tougher than any other smartphone glass. The durability of the ceramic shield ensures security to its apple customers. Furthermore, the external features aren’t the only thing being upgraded as well as the rate of 5G. Now 5G is at its fastest rate yet and people are loving it.  

How has the Corona Virus impacted Customers’ Ability to Get the New Phone? 

In recent years Apple has been known to release their new products in September and begin shipping at the end of the month. But the recent pandemic has put a dent in their plans causing production to slow and could lose money for the company as things begin to delay. Due to the mass production delay we could see shortages at the end of the year when people are supposed to be buying the phones. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Similarly in 2017 during the intended release of the Iphone X and Iphone 8 in September but didn’t hit the stores until late November. Consequently, mass production problems delay shipments to stores around the world like we saw in 2017. 

How Soon Can I get an Iphone 12? 

Due to complications the pre-order list was backed up  because of the pandemic, making users wait longer to get their desired phone. At the moment shipping for the phones are estimated to arrive in late December, which cuts options off for Christmas gifts. The best thing you can do is go to your provider and determine what route to getting your new phone you like best.