Return to Remote Learning: Tips and Tricks


Nicholas Lockwood

Around the United States, Coronavirus rates have been skyrocketing. This drastic increase in cases, especially in Adams County, Colorado have had a sharply negative impact on the ability of students to be in person. Hospitalizations have sharply increased, and businesses are foreclosing their doors, in a painful reminder about this year’s tragedies. With many staying home, Remote Learning has become essential to the ability of students to learn and complete scholarly activities. 

Recently, Horizon High School and all Adams 12 Schools shut down their doors for in-person learning, and students were sent into a revolving door, which immediately transferred them back to their homes. So, with the renewal of pure remote learning, what are tips and tricks that students can follow in order to become more successful learners.

The Return to Remote Learning:

As previously stated, schools have started to shut back down, as exemplified by Adams 12 Five Star Schools shutting down K-12 schools recently. This caused commotion for high school students that are now adjusting back from a short hybrid experiment, back into their homes completely alone. This has caused chaos for a great many students, and all this stress can be prevented with communication, and learning how to successfully perfect new strategies. 

This should be news to people around the state of Colorado, with the rise of Coronavirus to help discipline themselves even if something does not go the way as intended. This should be a lesson that actions have con questions even when people aren’t aware of it. 

Tips and Tricks for Remote Learning:

For tips and tricks relating to remote learning, there are several types of new strategies that students can be using to become more successful. This can include making learning much more easier for students, but also much more efficient. These strategies from Learn4Life include:

  • Creating a Dedicated Workspace
    • Have a space to complete work and complete it quickly and efficiently. This can include better management of materials around you, and have a relatively quiet area around the house. 
  • Create a List and Collaborate as you Complete Tasks
    • Creating a list about what work should be completed, and how to collaborate during this time would be useful for class time.
  • Create a Schedule
    • Create a schedule around completing classwork, which would be critical for knowing when time should be expended for assignments. 
  • Avoid Procrastination
    • Most people love to procrastinate with work, and complete it at the last minute. I can admit that I sometimes do this as well. Just remember that work can be completed more efficiently when done early, and people can have time to complete other tasks.
  • Avoid Distractions Like Social Media. 
    • Discipline yourself with not not looking at other applications. While social media can be engaging, it is mostly not useful to complete assignments.


Remote learning may be tough for several students around the U.S. including Adams County, with high coronavirus cases. However, this is not time to give up but use this opportunity to become motivated and push yourself to do news things, which can be helped with these tips.