The Adventure Continues

The Mandalorian Season 2 Spoiler Alert


Erika Lewis

Disclaimer: Some of this stuff might make more sense to Star Wars fans but can still be enjoyed by all. Also this was written before episode 3 started streaming. There are also some spoilers too so Spoiler Alert.

The moment everyone has been waiting for finally arrived. The Mandalorian season 2 has started streaming on Disney+ with a new episode, and piece of the story, released every Friday. It began streaming on October 30th and as of currently we have 2 new chapters. 

First Impressions Of The Season

Chapters 9 and 10, episodes 1 and 2, were definitely not what anyone expected, that is said in a good way though. The fact that right away Mando is thrown into action and the audience also gets to see new and old characters is definitely a treat. Not only did the audience get to see new characters such as Cobb Vanth, we also were introduced to species that were not previously mentioned or seen on the show. The child also manages to draw many people in as he humors the audience. Just from these two episodes it’s not hard to tell there is going to be as good as the first season if not better. We will probably get the same level of comedy and action that The Mandalorian has become known for. 

Digging Deeper Into The Show

Throughout these first two episodes many things were shown that had some fans shocked. There were some characters and species that, although it was their first time mentioned in this show, were not unknown to fans. In Chapter 9 Mando has to head to a town called Mos Pelgo on Tatooine. However the town Mos Pelgo had a different name, once It was called Freetown. The character Cobb Vanth is not a new name either. In the Star Wars book series Aftermath Cobb Vanth and Freetown play a large part. Even though the Aftermath series is Canon the characters and places are not widely known. Another thing probably recognized was the armor worn by Vanth. This armor used to belong to the infamous Bounty Hunter and famous character Boba Fett. Last viewers saw of Boba Fett he was falling into the mouth of a Sarlacc in Return of the Jedi. Another similarity between the Aftermath series and the Mandalorian is that in the book Cobb Vanth also had Boba Fett’s armor. 

In Chapter 9 viewers also see more Tusken Raiders, which have been seen before. What hasn’t been seen before, in any star wars film or show, was a Krayt Dragon. These Tatooine monsters have been mentioned in books but have never been shown. At the very end, after the Krayt Dragon is killed, a Tusken Raider holds up a sphere that they found. This sphere is a Krayt Dragon Pearl, something else not mentioned in any movie or show. The pearl can be found in the stomachs of Krayt Dragons. The Krayt Dragon Pearl is a very valuable and rare object in the Star Wars universe. The Jedi would use these in lightsabers, however since they were harder to find the Jedi had to seek alternative power sources. The Jedi found Kyber Crystals could do the same thing the pearls could. However a lightsaber with a Pearl is stronger than a lightsaber with a Kyber Crystal. 

Moving on to Chapter 10. In this episode the audience sees two X-wings and their pilots. Their names are Carson Teva and Trapper Wolf. Trapper Wolf is played by someone who Star Wars fans know quite well, Dave Filoni. Dave Filoni is one of the directors and writers for The Mandalorian. However he also helped make the hit cartoon Star Wars: The Clone Wars and he made the show Star Wars: Rebels on his own. 

Something else the audience sees in this episode are Krykna spiders. These spiders were originally thought up by Sci-fi artist Ralph McQuarrie when he was drawing concept art for The Empire Strikes Back. Unfortunately, or fortunately if you don’t like spiders, the spiders didn’t make it into the films. However they have shown up in the show Star Wars: Rebels. In this show the Krykna spiders live on a planet called Atollon which is their native planet. Although these spiders were shown before it was in animated form, not live action. 

What To Look Forward To

There are still 6 more episodes in season 2 and viewers have been promised quite a bit. One thing the audience was told to expect was Boba Fett who had a few seconds of screen time during episode one. Perhaps that is all we will get to see of him but, knowing Filoni, Boba Fett will probably show up again. Another thing fans were promised and have anxiously been waiting for is the appearance of ExJedi, Ahsoka Tano. She originally appeared in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and later Star Wars: Rebels and since then she has been a crowd favorite. Along with Ahsoka Tano several other characters have been rumored to appear. Some of these characters are Captain Rex, Sabine Wren, and Bo-Katan Kryze. Sabine Wren and Bo-Katan Kryze are both mandalorians who know Ahsoka Tano well. Captain Rex is one of Ahsoka Tano’s closest friends so it wouldn’t be surprising he would be with the ExJedi. Again those characters are just rumors but most people are leaning towards the fact that they will appear, these rumors have mainly come from the directors and writers of the show.

There might only be six episodes left in this season but if things stay consistent most viewers will not leave disappointed. Every Friday there is a new episode on Disney+ so make sure you don’t miss it. This is the way.