This is the Way

The Mandolorian Season 1 recap

This is the Way

Erika Lewis

As Star Wars fans anxiously await the new season of The Mandalorian they have been rewatching the show so they have it fresh in their minds. The first season was released November 12, 2019 and concluded on December 27, 2019. Now the season two is scheduled to be released on Friday October 30th. Here is a recap of every episode although I definitely recommend that you go rewatch it yourself. 

Chapter 1: The Mandalorian

Episode one is when we are first introduced to the main character, the Mandalorian. He is a bounty hunter who was raised as a part of a group of people called Mandalorians. We are shown his character and that he is a ruthless man who is willing to do whatever it takes to catch his bounty. After he delivers his first bounty he asks for a job with a higher pay. His job distributor, Greef Karga, sends him somewhere that is more in the downlow. When Mando arrives he is given the job to find a very important asset. Mando sets off in his ship The Razer Crest and heads to the planet Arvala-7. When he arrives he gets attacked by a native animal but is saved by an Ughnaut named Kuiil. Kuill shows Mando where to go and then departs. Mando engages in an epic battle fighting alongside a bounty hunter droid named IG-11. After the pair succeeds they go and find who Mando was hunting. This is when the viewers are introduced to the Child or more well known as Baby Yoda.

Chapter 2: The Child

With The Child now in his possession Mando returns to The Razor Crest only to find it has been dismantled by Jawas. Mado attempts to chase the jawas but fails miraculously. Unable to catch the jawa and fly away in his ship, Mando goes back to Kuiil’s house. Kuiil agrees to help Mando get his stuff back and they set off. As soon as they reach the jawas Kuiil bargains with them and they agree to give him his stuff back if he is able to get them an egg. Mando has no choice but to agree. Mando and the child set off to retrieve this egg. Mando eventually gets there only to discover that the mother mudhorn is also there. The mudhorn beats Mando up and would have won if the child hadn’t intervened with the force. 

Chapter 3: The Sin

Mando, now with the Child and a fixed ship heads back to Nevarro for Mando to give Baby Yoda to the client. When Mando actually gets there he hands the Child over and gets his payment. He then brings his payment of beskar down to the sewers where the Mandalorians are hiding. Mando brings his payment to the Armorer, a female mandalorian. She then forms the metal into new armor for Mando. While she does this we get a glimpse of Mando’s past. As soon as Mando gets his new armor and gets ready to leave the planet the guilt of handing the Child over gets to him. He decides to go save the child and accomplishes it. Unfortunately for him every bounty hunter has a device to track the kid. Every hunter starts attacking Mando and Mando probably would have died if the other Mandolorians rescued him. 

Chapter 4: Sanctuary

Mando is now on the run with the Child and they have to find a safe place to stay. Eventually Mando finds a planet with a very low population count and figures it’s a good place to lay low. The two come to a local food place and Mando spots a woman who he finds suspicious. After getting into a fight with said woman he learns her name is Cara Dune and she was a rebel drop soldier. Mando heads back to his ship when he is confronted by two farmers who are in desperate need of help. Mando reluctantly agrees and soon realizes Cara is also there to help. When they arrive Mando and Cara find out all too late that the enemy pirates have an AT-ST, a weapon used by the Empire. Mando and Cara realizing they are in way over their heads decide to train the farmers to fight. After the farmers are trained the time for attack has arrived. The farmers end up beating the pirates and everything is well. Mando wants to leave Baby Yoda with the farmers but unfortunately a bounty hunter shows up. 

Chapter 5: The Gunslinger

Mando runs away with the Child to the well known planet Tatooine. Mando starts looking for a job and finds a beginner bounty hunter. The young hunter is looking for an infamous assassin. Mando, having left the Child at his ship reluctantly agrees after the hunter promises him all the money. The duo decides to set off and everything is going well when they run into tusken raiders. They negotiate and the hunter duo is able to get away safely. They continue going when Mando gets shot right off his bike. Luckily his armor protects him but the hunters have to come up with a new plan. They eventually come up with a plan and they go capture the assassin. As soon as she is captured Mando goes off to get something. The assassin is able to persuade the young hunter to capture Mando and turn him in. The hunter agrees and does just that. Unfortunately for the young hunter Mando doesn’t have it. 

Chapter 6: The Prisoner

Mando is now meeting up with an old friend. He is being sent on a mission with four other people. An old imperial soldier, a devaronian with anger issues, a cocky droid, and a crazy twi’lek. They all go to free a prisoner from the new republic. On the journey the others try and pressure Mando to remove his helmet but he refuses. As soon as they get on board the ship Mando destroys a bunch of droids showing the audience how much he hates droids. The group is able to release the prisoner but the group had plans for Mando. He is pushed into the cell but staying in character is able to escape. He then goes through getting rid of each member of the hunting crew one by one. When he finishes he takes the prisoner and gets paid before stabbing his old friend in the back. 

Chapter 7: The Reckoning

Greef Karga is back and asks Mando to return to Navarro and help get rid of the imperial presence. Mando, not trusting Greef, goes and requests for Cara and Kuiil’s help. That’s when Mando discovers that IG-11 has been reprogrammed from a hunter to a nurse droid. They all accept and go with Mando and the Child. Once they arrive they all come up with a plan to dispose of the imps. While camping a bunch of creatures attack them and Greef gets seriously hurt. The Child, showing off with the force again, heals Greef using the force. Surprisingly Greef shot his companions and explained what his real plan was. Mando and company come up with a new plan and sending the child back to the ship is part of it. They go to the imperial meeting place and things are looking up when they drop way down. A new character shows up and he means business.

Chapter 8: Redemption

A lot happens in this episode and so I suggest that you go and watch it yourself so you can really appreciate it. 

Obviously this was only a sum up of the show and I recommend that you go and watch it for yourself if you have not yet seen it. Only a few more days left before we get the new season lets see if we can be patient just a few days longer. This is the Way.