What will the Future hold for the Broncos?

The constant change in Quarterbacks has brought division to the Broncos

What will the Future hold for the Broncos?

Nadiya Romo

Super Bowl Fifty was the prime time for the Denver Broncos. However, since then the Broncos have gone down a constant downhill roller coaster. After clenching the win the Broncos returned to Denver unsure of what the future holds for them. Since 2019 Denver has struggled to find a permanent quarterback that will carry the team for many years but instead have gone through  9 starting quarterbacks. 

Why were there Nine Starting Quarterbacks After Peyton Manning? 

In 2016, following the championship legend Peyton Manning officially retired. The Broncos struggled to find a permanent successful quarterback that could carry the Broncos to more Super Bowl Championships. Although, that was not how things went for them. The next season Paxton Lynch played as the quarterback. For the following seasons there were eight other quarterbacks placed in the starting position. Fans have hoped that soon they will find the lucky guy to carry the team for the next several years. 

As of right now the starting quarterback is Brett Rypien. This was a change after Drew Lock went out with a shoulder injury. The Broncos seem to have no luck when it comes to finding the right guy! The question fans are asking themselves for what seems the millionth time is, is this the guy?