Watching from the Rocks:

Enjoying a New View from your Car


Film on the Rocks Drive-in

In Morrison, Colorado, Red Rocks is now introducing drive in movies as of August 2020. This seems to be the only moral thing that has come out of this very erratic year. Red Rocks is best known for all the concerts and festive events they host. The Denver Post explains that this is the biggest drive-in movie screen in Colorado. 

Though most of the 2020 summer Red Rocks has had to close up, they finally re-opened allowing guests to come enjoy their new attraction, Film on the Rocks Drive-in. During these past couple weeks they have been playing classic movies, such as Bridesmaids, Back to the Future, and The Thing. Precautions are being taken to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Limited tickets are being sold and social distancing is easily being taken due to watching from in your car. Since they are very limited with space and the amount of people present, the cost is about sixty dollars per car, per night. They include popcorn and all the necessities for a night to remember. They are even selling Chick-Fil-A sandwiched if you pay cashless, promoting people to turn up. 

The screen is LED and the sound comes in FM frequencies. This entails they are inclined to less interference and provided a better sound system with higher spectrums.  

In terms of attending the drive-in, they ask you to show up at the minimum of thirty minutes before they stream the movie, this way it limits distractions. Scanning your ticket is said to be contactless and swift. They use the AXS Mobile ID to keep up with that standard. This device provides flexibility and security when scanning your ticket ensuring that you have the appropriate ticket. To keep this process smoothed and composed, it is requested you are ready when you uproot to the check-in gate. 

Large vans, limousines, mopeds, motorcycles, RVs, and scooters are not permitted due to their inconvenience. Though, trucks and other vehicles that are not as listed are welcome to the Drive-In. The Denver Film does express that  bicycles or pedestrians without a vehicle will not be allowed to enter. 

For more information about the Red Rock ‘Film on the Rocks’ Drive-In visit the Denver Film where they provide plenty of details regarding frequently asked questions.