Thoughts On the New School Year

With school starting remote it has been a roller coaster for everyone!


As we all know, this school year is starting off a little differently than previous years. Majority of us are online doing our classes through platforms like Zoom and Google Meets. Now I know what my opinions are on this topic but I wanted to know how others felt, so I asked some friends at Horizon highschool about their feelings about online schooling as well as some insight as to whether they are going too hybrid or staying online.

    One of my friends who I asked was Chance Eaves. He is a Senior this year and he said… “I am enjoying staying in bed for class but I am very worried about my senior year getting ruined with the possibility of no prom and graduation. I am doing hybrid because I feel like I need that social interaction.”

   Next friend’s name is Ryenne Castor, Ryenne is a Junior and she says… “ I am very anxious to go back to school with hybrid but I am worried about the virus having an outbreak during cold and flu season! I don’t really like any parts of online so I can’t wait!.”

The last friend I asked was Alex Muff and he said… “ As a non school enthusiast I really like doing online so I can be in bed all day and not have to participate all that much, I am continuing online.”  The most real response I got.. Thanks Alex.

Now as for me, I do agree with the other students that staying in bed and doing school is definitely a plus but I would love to see my friends and my new teachers.. I say as long as everybody wears their masks and follows the rules, it should be a good year!

What are your thoughts on the new school year? We would love to hear just DM us on our instagram @ the_profile_hhs!