In the Blink of an Eye

The Big Deal About High School

In the Blink of an Eye

Nadiya Romo

You don’t know how fast highschool goes until you’re in it and  wondering where time has gone. It is said that highschool will be the best and worst four years of our lives, and I have found that this is true. High school is a time for making lifelong memories and to live before becoming an adult and going off to college. However, school is also an important part of getting into college which allows you to get a job in the workforce later on.  


What is the big deal about highschool? 

Although highschool is about finding what career path you want to study in college, it is also a time to make friends, memories, and finding who you are. In my opinion, it is very important to make memories in high school. Many schools have football games, homecoming, prom, and spirit days; giving you the chance to live your last few years as a teenager to the fullest. These events give you the chance to find potential life long friends. This is the time to live and experience as much as you can before you aren’t a kid anymore. American author Louis E. Boone said “ The saddest summary of life contains three descriptions: could have, might have, and should have.” You do not want to look back and realize you did not have fun in high school. That is why it is so important to focus on life and not the end goal of happiness because you find happiness where you are in the moment. 


Who are you really? 

This is a tough question to answer, especially right now, as you are constantly changing. However, during those four years you learn a great amount of information about yourself. Personal development can happen by finding hobbies, learning new things, and making mistakes. In school one may find they like a certain club the school offers and learn that that is something they enjoy doing. It may even become a job later on in life. Schools bring many opportunities for students to learn about themselves. Another example would be learning how to manage time and organization. The second you step into high school both of these skills will determine how the ride through high school goes. These will shape your character and develop oneself without even knowing it.  Along the way you pick up and leave certain characteristics and it is all to shape you into the person you are supposed to be at the end. 


How to prepare yourself for college while in high school: 

College is a huge milestone in life, and it is a process to get there. There are several ways to prepare yourself for college while in high school. One of the things you can do is take advanced classes available to you. According to the article What Do Colleges Look for in Students? Colleges are interested in how difficult your class workload was and how well you perform academically. So in high school you can take harder classes to show you are ready for the college curriculum. Another way to prepare for college is to participate in internships in fields that you are interested in. This is a great way to stand out when applying for a certain major. The basis of experience will get you a better chance of being accepted. A great site to use for finding internships is


Time flies by and you can do nothing but live in the moment. High school is your chance to use everyday to live and improve yourself. It is important to find the right balance between having fun and learning!