Moments to Look Back On

Horizon Seniors Share Their Favorite Memories


Kiley Haberstroh

High school is a big part of growing up in a student’s life. This is a time where kids are making friendships that can last a lifetime, while learning advanced material that is needed in their future, and prepare themselves to go out into the real world. High school creates memories that will never be forgotten for students, and when you’re finally a senior, all the memories will hit when walking down for graduation.

A lot of them can be made by participating in school pride by showing up to sporting events.

Karstyn Wittwer, ‘20, says “ I always loved going to any sports event. They were always a lot of fun. It is my favorite memory because I got to be with my friends and cheer our team on”. 

Alden Madrid’s, ‘20, favorite memory is being involved with school sports. He states, “I would say my best memory at Horizon is all of the sports that I have done. Like marching band and swim has taught me what it means to show leadership and sportsmanship. This was my favorite memory because I was really involved in the school athletics.”

Being on a Horizon sports team creates more memories because kids are  involved with the school and become closer with other students. 

Kaylie Harshman, ‘20, was also involved in a school sport. She was a Horizon Cheerleader who cheered on the football and basketball teams. “My favorite memory in high school was probably winning regionals with my team because it was the first year Horizon has won anything in a long time.”

Even though this school year has ended earlier than students predicted, the seniors still hold onto their memories and are forever grateful for what the future has in store for them. 

John Cooney, ‘20 says, “High school will always be my favorite memory because it made me who I am today. I will always cherish the memories that have been made at Horizon because it helped show me that I’m able to take on the world. I mean I already dealt with loads of homework, what else will be harder than that?” 

Congratulations Class of 2020!