Positivity During the Pandemic

Some Good News

Positivity During the Pandemic


Elizabeth Houlihan

Over these past few months, America has been encouraged to stay at home, wear a mask, and stay at least six feet apart. All Americans hear on the news is how bad we are becoming, how our politicians aren’t doing so great, and the number of deaths of COVID-19.

It’s safe to say that we are living in sad, poor times and people are losing their minds. Millions of Americans are unemployed and losing their homes. The other day, my father and I went to the bank. The woman who was helping us was elderly and a widow, she explained how her husband died a few months ago from cancer and she was all alone. She told us how the news scared her so much that she willingly stopped working for two months because she cared to catch COVID-19, and now because of that, she is about to get evicted from her home.

Everywhere we go these days we are constantly struck with bad news, well, how about we read some good news? Good news is good for the soul. 

The Heroic Ferret On May 15th 2020, a pet Ferret finished a full marathon over the course of three weeks. The same of this fine, young lad is Bandit. Bandit was able to raise thousands of followers for charity to help kids in need learn to read. Bandit walked several miles a day alongside his owners, Jim and Arabella Wood. Bandit raised 2,200 euros, which helped provide 12,000 books to kids in low income families. 

The California Dream Governor Gavin Newsom has announced that California will begin to pay for food delivery services for seniors in need. Seniors will be given three nutritious meals a day, and those who have lost their jobs to the pandemic will be given work to help sustain their lifestyle. With this, they will be also helping California’s restaurant industry stay afloat. 

Super Heroes This week, the FDA approved the emergency use of the antiviral drug, Remdesivir, as the country’s first drug treatment against COVID-19. The agency gained approval through a study over 1,063 COVID -19 patients. Those who received the drug recovered four days after, while those who didn’t had a 31% longer recovery rate. With this, millions of Americans will begin to get the treatment they need and deserve. 

Student Loan, Bye Bye Anonymous donors paid off over 400 student loans for college graduates in low income families living in California. The donors also helped provide these college graduates with helpful insight in career guidance, mentoring, internships and personal guidance. These grads are now able to live the rest of their debt free, a thing that millions of students dream of having. 

Don’t forget, although the world seems dark and gloomy right now, there is still light. If you want to read some more good news, go to the Good News Network