Outsmart Online

Keep up your grades during quarantine


Photo: Shutterstock

Kiley Haberstroh

Transitioning from driving to school, to staying home and doing online, is a pretty big difference to some students. School was much easier when you could just raise your hand to ask a question, but now most kids have to rely on the explanation. If you’re new to online school and scared that the grades will drop, then these tips from WAFB are for you:

Make an agenda. Once the clock hits 12 am on a Monday, most of the tasks are now assigned. So be prepared and write it all down on a planner or paper. This will help you remember the deadlines that are coming up because you might not always get a reminder! And when you finish the work, you can cross it out to show how much work you have left. 

Don’t procrastinate. When doing online school, some students will forget about the homework or leave it be until the day it’s due. You should give yourself enough time to complete the task and turn it in. Even though sometimes it’s hard to be focused when you’re home, it will be easier if you set a time of day that you know that you’ll start the work.

Ask questions. Don’t be afraid to email the teacher if something doesn’t make sense to you. We are not in class so communication is key in a time like this. All of the teachers will be very reasonable because they’re going through the same things. 

Make sure to take breaks. Even when there are a lot of assignments due, it is always best to take breaks to relax the mind. This will help things become more understandable and you’ll be able to get more work done! It is always good to get a little snack too:)

Work with others. When the homework doesn’t make sense and the teacher isn’t responding back, call up a friend. You all can work together and help each other out. This can help reduce stress and can make work fun! Just remember social distancing! 

Hopefully these tips help the grades out! Stay positive and remember to turn in work!