An Arrow of Love

The History of Cupid

An Arrow of Love

Kiley Haberstroh

Cupid, the god of love, is known to hit people with arrows to help their love life. It is said that if Cupid shoots his arrow of love and hits you, that you will fall helplessly and madly in love with the next person you meet. He fires golden arrows at people to make them fall in love and leaden arrows to make them fall out of love. This bow and arrow is the source of Cupid’s power. Cupid has been a symbol Valentine’s Day for many generations. 

Many people think of Cupid as an angel, when really he is a God. In Roman mythology, Cupid is the son of Venus, the goddess of love, however, in greek mythology Cupid is the son of Aphrodite. Cupid is represented by the symbol of two hearts with an arrow through them. Cupid is usually seen as a baby because babies represent the combination of two people in love. 

In Cupid’s History, it says that the legend of Roman mythology, all started in 700 BC, when Cupid fell madly in love with a girl named Psyche. Cupid’s love for Psyche overruled the jealousy of his mother. She was the goddess of the soul, who was known for her extraordinary beauty. Cupid had one rule for Psyche and it was to never lay an eye on him. When they got married, Psyche had no clue what he looked like. Cupid would only visit his wife late at night in the dark. One day, Psyche’s sister gave her the idea to at least look at him once. So when Cupid came to visit later that night, Psyche decided to have the lights on. When he realized she turned on the lights on purpose he left her. He decided to continue his life having other people fall in love because his love failed. 

This Valentine’s day, instead of finding your soulmate on Tinder, let Cupid play matchmaker and bring the right people together with arrows of love.