Master the Class

How to Survive Your Hardest Class

Kiley Haberstroh

School is very important for the future, but it also can be really stressful for most students. There is always a hard class that a person struggles with. No one likes having bad grades or struggling in a hard class, but the tips that are listed below can help make it a little bit easier to pass that challenging class.

Motivate yourself. Some students will stop trying as hard when their grade isn’t that good in the class. But to keep your grades up, self motivation is the best key to success for every student. To help your self motivation, try eating a little piece of candy after every homework that is finished to award yourself or even set a time that  homework should be finished by to help keep you in check. 

Set a time for the homework. Most students sometimes forget that they even have homework, but writing it down and setting a date to do it, will keep you in check. Having a dedicated time and day for homework can help you keep on track because you’ll know that you’re actually doing the assignment and not forgetting about it. When you right down the assignment in a phone or an agenda, this will help students not forget about the fact that they have four assignments due on Tuesday. It is just a good reminder! So try it!

Stay focused while doing homework. When doing homework, it is best that you put all distractions away. Sometimes it will take longer to complete the homework if you aren’t fully focused. For example, turning the TV off or giving the phone to one of your parents, can benefit the brain into focusing more and getting it done correctly. Then once the homework is complete, that is when you can ask for the electronics back. This can really help a lot of students and benefit their learning.

Turn in all homework. Keeping up the assignments and turning them in, is a problem that a lot of students end up not doing. Sometimes students won’t even finish the assignment so they end up not turning it in at all, which can bring down the grade. Even if you didn’t finish the assignment, still turn it in so you can get something other than a 0%. Try setting a time and day that you would like to complete your homework, maybe even try working with friends.


Talk with the teachers. Most students are scared to talk with the teachers because their scared that they’ll bite and yell at the kids. Well, actually most teachers only want the best for their students, so talking with them shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Talking with the teachers and letting them know you’re struggling in the class will help you in the end. Teachers will understand the trouble and help you more in the class. They’ll make sure they answer all your questions and this can bring your grade.

Difficult classes are one thing students really don’t want, but those hard classes can be easier if you just try these tips. Keeping working hard and even your toughest class will be an easy pass by the end of this semester!