Be Thankful for the Week Long Break


Kiley Haberstroh

Before I lived in Colorado, I lived in New Mexico for seven years. When Thanksgiving break came, my community had our break for only four days including the weekend. The break started on Thanksgiving day and went to the Sunday of that week. I always hated it because I felt like it wasn’t long enough, especially when school came around so quickly. 

Everyone I knew hated how we only had two days off of the school week. I thought it seemed unfair because every student works their butt off only to get two days off of school. And every Wednesday before the break, that’s when most of the tests were happening, so it wasn’t even like I could enjoy that day before. 

What sucked more, is that I couldn’t even go out of town to visit other members of my family because my parents thought the break was too short to do anything. So most of the time, we stayed at my house. But Thanksgiving is where you’re supposed to get with your family that you haven’t seen in a while and enjoy a nice meal. 

Every year the break came, most people were happy for the relaxation but no one was really happy about it being so short. Some of my friends even tried to contact the school to make the break longer but how are five kids going to impact a whole community on changing the break to a week. 

I couldn’t believe that I had homework over the break-in 7th grade too! That’s what made me angrier because I had a project due the next Monday, so my whole holiday weekend, I focused on that project to get an A. It’s like the teachers didn’t even care for the break. I mean all they wanted to do was make their student’s life miserable. 

So when I moved to Colorado in 8th grade and Thanksgiving break came, I was so surprised that it was a whole week off. I enjoyed the week break because we get out of school for a whole seven days. Honestly, I questioned it at first because it was so new to me that I thought it would actually make matters worse. 

However, after having that week off I changed my mind; it is way better than having just two days off! The week break helps my family visit our other family members we don’t usually see for Thanksgiving. So I can enjoy dinner with them and make more memories with my family. And best of all, I can relax and enjoy the week without worrying about homework because apparently here, no one gives homework over the break.

So be thankful this Thanksgiving break for your week off!