Trump’s Billion-Dollar Donation Toward the Autism Community

What Does This Say About Our Country?


Elizabeth Houlihan

As an individual who is deeply involved in the autism community, as well as being a politics lover, I have been looking forward to writing this article. Before I begin to tell this opinionated story, I would like to say that I am not 100% supportive of Republicans, nor of Democrats. I am simply someone who agrees and disagrees with both sides. 

Last month President Trump donated 1.8 billion dollars to the autism community. Many people have had different views on this large donation. To narrow the views, one group of people believes that it is Trump’s way of ruining the autism community, and others believe that this was incredible. 

Right after, on September 30th 2019, Trump signed the Autism CARES act into law. This act is to help families with individuals with autism who may need home loans, suffering from homelessness, beneficiary travel, and miscellaneous technical corrections.  

I would like to believe that this is showing us that our president may not actually be a self-centered pumpkin. I have never heard of one of our presidents donating any amount of money to Autism Speaks. 

America has been so caught up in all of Donald Trump’s faults (don’t get me wrong, he has a lot) we have completely criticized something perfectly good. This goes toward every single person, because every single person has been guilty of it at least once. 

This donation can help thousands of families with members that have autism, along with helping further research into autism. 

Millions of families in the United States with individuals with autism do not have access or money for therapists, schools, and medical care. It can also affect it where only one parent can work so they have a low financial income. This donation will help those families in need. 

Not very many people go to think of the autism community, but you can’t blame them. The community is rarely exposed to it so why should they care or know? 

Those who are saying that Autism Speaks does not accept donations is correct. However, Trump did not donate to Autism Speaks, he donated to the Autism Community which gladly accepts donations. They are an organization that works to make families living with autism easier. 

American minds are wired to immediately hate what others say if they don’t believe in what you do. Anything that Trump says is wrong to democrats, and everything Obama said was wrong to Republicans. It is the same with this, and it’s sad to say that but it’s true. 

Because Trump said it, we are completely ignoring how much this donation can help millions.

If we were to stop for one minute, and actually think about what people were saying and not completely shut them out due to just who they are or what they believe, America could unite as one. 

We all have our opinions, but we are not open-minded. It’s either our way or the highway and we need to change that. 

Because let’s face it, America is not a united nation, not really.