Horizon Powderpuff Game

Battle of Juniors vs. Seniors

Kiley Haberstroh

Powderpuff is a flag football game between Junior and Senior hosted by Student Government. This homecoming activity gives upperclassmen girls a chance to participate in on the field and work as a team with their class. 

The game was hosted Monday, the 14th at North Stadium. Seniors were on the home side wearing black and Juniors on the away side wearing white.  In the end, the Juniors won the game by two points The final score being 36 to 34.

Tessa Killmon (‘21), quarterback of the Juniors, says that “Powderpuff is a great way for people to bond and work towards a common goal to win. I find that by trusting people and having people trust you, you can be very successful and that’s exactly what my team did and I’m proud of them.” 

Tessa also explains how overall she really enjoyed powderpuff, “What I enjoyed most about the game with the whole team aspect of things, I love how I would say something to one of my players and they would trust me and execute it in a correct way. I’m extremely proud of the outcome and I believe we earned every yard, touchdown, and “tackle” we had. Overall, I enjoyed most about the game with having girls from tons of different friend groups come together to have each other’s back as if you were sisters. I love them all and love football.”

Hayley Hammang (‘20), slot receiver for the Seniors says that Powderpuff is worth doing, “I’ve never regretted doing Powderpuff, considering I’ve done it both Junior and Senior year. I am very glad I played my last year, it is a great opportunity to come together as a class and take on the Juniors. We played our hardest together and had so much fun.”  

Playing out on the field and hearing the crowd cheer on the team, excites almost everyone of the players. As Tessa states, “My favorite part of Powderpuff was having everyone in the stands cheering for our team. I think our cheerleaders were straight up phenomenal and our student section and parents are very supportive as well I loved having everyone hype us up, it was a major adrenaline rush.”

Powder Puff has been a tradition for the school for many years. It brings the school even closer together and gives students a great memory of high school. Great job to the Juniors and Seniors this year!