Spooky Stories Unleashed

Thornton’s Riverdale Road


Kaya Madison/YouTube

Colorado has a secret, a dark past, even. Riverdale Road. Riverdale Road is located in Thornton, CO, and it’s an 11-mile stretch of pure terror. Now the miles of twists and turns aren’t what makes the road scary. It’s the shapes that the dark makes you see while on the road at night. 

Riverdale Road has many backstories that make it terrifying, but the most infamous story of all is how “The Gates To Hell” came to be. A man who lived in the mansion with his wife and children had lost his mind burning down the mansion with his family inside murdering them. After he had killed his family he was soon lead to suicide and now the Lady in White walks the gates. Some say it’s to look for her murdered children, while others say that she is looking for her husband to get revenge. However, keep an eye on the rearview mirror because it is said that she will appear in the rearview mirror of passerby’s seeking help that is to never come. 

Now, when you think of a haunted road, children never come into mind right away, but Riverdale Road has it all for you. A small child was said to be on his way to school when he was struck by a car and killed. Now,  he walks the road at night smearing his bloody handprint on every single sign that he walks by and by morning they vanish almost as if it never happened. 

From crazy men burning down their houses with their families in it too little boys smearing bloody handprints on signs, we have a phantom Camaro. That’s right, Riverdale Road is haunted by a ghost car. In the 70s a driver was racing his way down the road, never letting up on the gas, and it only led him to his doom. Now, as you drive down the road at night behind you you’ll see the headlights of a car appear and it’ll perhaps try and challenge you to a race with no happy ending. 

On a more serious note, Riverdale Road isn’t famous for its scary stories to tell in the dark, but it’s all famous for the satanic activities that take place there. Headless and dead animals are found near the Gates To Hell and other locations along the road. Rituals are performed in the middle of a field at night. Riverdale Road on that occasion isn’t somewhere to mess around on foot because of the rituals.  So be safe and alert for any unusual activity that could be taking place along the road. 

Riverdale Road has many dark secrets and probably more that are waiting to be discovered, but one thing is for sure, Riverdale is rated one of the most haunted roads in Colorado and that makes the creepy road of twists and turns truly terrifying.