10 Ways To Know If You’re Generation Z

You Won't Believe #8!


Elizabeth Houlihan

Want to know if you’re a true generation Z? To be a generation Z you must have a special personality, go figure out if you meet the criteria. 

1. You were born in the early 2000s.

Were you born in the 1990s or early 2000s? If so, congrats! You have met the first criteria to be a Generation Z member!

2. You have an instagram/snapchat account with more than 1 follower.

Are you insta famous? Are you looking at Instagram every hour? You’re not the only one! That’s what makes Generation Zs stand out! 

3. If you’ve never seen an episode of Mr. Rogers

Mr. Rogers? Mr. Rogers who? 

4. If you watch Netflix while watching YouTube while doing homework 

We all do it, that’s probably why Generation Z is the greatest generation because we know what’s up.

5. If you know who Billie Eilish is 

Billie Ellish, the rising star of our generation. Know who she is? If not, you might not be a Generation Z. Sorry.

6. If you say “The Tea” 

Spill the tea sis. Lets face it, The Tea was split in 2018 and is continuing to be spilt by everyone in Generation Z.

7. If you have have an Apple product 

Got an iPhone? iPad or AirPods? If not, you probably do and you’re just lying to yourself. 

8. You are a VSCO girl or have a VSCO friend 

Its true, wanna go save the turtles with all your scrunchies? Or are you gonna save it by your friends side who has all the scrunchies and the way cooler water bottle than you?

9. You have at least 1 pair of Vans

Checkered? Flowers? Possibly Harry Potter? We all do hun. We all do. 

10. You believe that the world needs to change 

World peace baby! Or how about pollution?  Or saving the turtles from all the people who use plastic straws? There are too many causes to pick.

Do you relate to at least one of these things? If yes, congratulations! You have a Generation Z personality! Now go and show off to the world!