Experts say THIS is the best way to improve your grades…


Kiley Haberstroh

School is very stressful for most students and grades are a main cause of all the stress. A lot of high schoolers’ main goal is to finish the year with at least B’s. For some, that is very hard to do especially when kids take hard classes.

However, there is one solution to stop the stress and maintain your grades!

That one solution is to actually do your work. Yes, it really is that easy. Doing your work will make sure you have no missing assignments and it will help prepare for tests. 

Not doing homework is a bigger problem than it seems.

Research shows that he more missing assignments a student has, the worse their grade will be. Students would want to make sure to have their homework done as soon as possible, so they can have fun later. Once all the work is done, that is when you’d be able to hang with friends, play video games, watch TV, etc. School homework should be the main priority! 

Always remember that the work teachers assign, is what makes your grades.

Let’s keep those grades up and start doing your homework!