Madison Unrein, Guest Writer

School lunch needs improvement. If you have ever had school lunch, you most likely feel hungry after. What sense does that make? You just ate, shouldn’t you be full? Well, it’s because you aren’t getting enough calories. Teenage girls need about 700 calories per meal, teenage boys need about 900. School lunch provides about 500. That’s why students feel hungry after eating. Being hungry hinders students ability to focus and do their best, which is why we want to make a change.

We are L.U.N.C.H., a group working towards getting better, more nutritious school lunches. L.U.N.C.H. stands for Low, Unprovided Nutrients and Calories for High Schoolers. Our goal is to get more calories incorporated into school lunches. We’d appreciate support from fellow students for the well being of the student body, and everyone as individuals. If you would like to contact or support us, our Instagram is @school_l.u.n.ch and Facebook is Luncc Provided. We would greatly appreciate your support.