Dangerous Internet Challenges

Children are ready to risk their lives for social media

Jaden Marolt, Culture and Relationship Team

New dangerous social media challenges are created everyday, putting children and teenagers at risk in various ways.

The latest challenge that has spread throughout the nation is called the “48-Hour Challenge.” Children who want to participate are urged into running away from their homes and completely cutting off every form of contact they have with friends and family– for two full days.

This challenge started in 2015, but just recently became popular. It has turned into a dysfunctional competition, considering children are now being rewarded “points” if their name is reported Missing, or if posts from their worried loved ones pop up on social media.

The thought of kids suddenly vanishing with no trace is terrifying, and a horrible idea. The participants could potentially end up being kidnapped, raped, sex trafficked, or killed.

Even if the children return home unharmed after 48 hours, damage will still have taken place. The kids and their families will likely be left with indescribable anxiety and potential PTSD, all for a morbid game.

In November of 2015, yet another horrifying challenge was created, but died down after about a year. It is most commonly referred to as the “Blue Whale Challenge”, and it has resurfaced to social media platforms.

In this challenge, teenagers are encouraged to complete 50 tasks in 50 days. The first tasks are rather simple things, such as “stay up all night”, or “watch a horror movie”– however, the assignments get progressively harder as teens get further into it.

The final task demands that the participant kills themself. Around the world 134 people have been reported dead due to the challenge. These people took their own life just so they could complete the sinister game.

As the years go on, these “games” are getting more and more dangerous. Considering that children are easily susceptible to influence, they need to be warned of the risks that social media “challenges” create.