Scoring College for Half the Price

What WUE can do to help you

Sofia Giannone, Health Editor

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What is WUE and what does it have to offer? As students get closer to graduating and applying to college, this offer becomes more prominent.

WUE, also known as the Western Undergraduate Exchange is a scholarship and opportunity to attend a college out of state and only have to pay the normal instate tuition plus ½.  

States that offer WUE are considered sister states, some being Colorado, Hawaii, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and many others near the West coast.

WUE colleges are offered to everyone but the WUE scholarship is only offered to a few. The WUE scholarship is known to cover almost $9000 a year but this does not correspond with the housing and utility expenses.

Different colleges cover different amounts, for example, if a college is really expensive, they are most likely going to give away more money in their scholarships than a school whose cost is about average.

All scholarship opportunities and college price ranges can be found at

WUE was founded in 1987 and is still continuing, it is known to be one of the greatest financial benefits for those living in the West.

Their are a few seniors who are deciding to continue their school journey at colleges that offer WUE, the colleges that these students tend to be the most interested in are the University of Wyoming and Arizona State University.

WUE does not only benefit the students, it also benefits the institutions that correspond with it.

“ WUE can help institutions to build an enrollment base to strengthen programs, improve efficiency by filling excess capacity, and provide student diversity,” stated the WUE instructors when asked the advantages of WUE.

Like most scholarships, WUE has requirements, those including GPA and SAT/ACT scores but the greatness of each depends on the institution the student is wanting to attend.

College is expensive so why not go check out a way to go to college out of state for cheap?