Unblurring the Truth About Eyewear

Many think that glasses might be ruining vision, but that isn’t entirely true

Vivian Hua, Copy Editor

For those without perfect vision, glasses and contacts are the best things to be invented to eliminate the struggle with completing daily tasks. Coming with great benefits, could this advanced eyewear actually be ruining vision instead of helping it?

There have been speculations that by wearing glasses, one’s vision might actually get worse. While in some ways this may be true, vision isn’t ruined but rather it has a new standard for what ‘good vision’ means. When you take your glasses or contacts off, you might notice that your vision has gotten blurrier since you’ve first started wearing them.

The idea of weakening vision is not produced because of eyewear. Vision seems blurrier than before because your eyes haven’t been working as hard to focus.

“The muscles that bend and straighten the lens of your eye haven’t worked as hard when your specs have been doing some of the job. But your glasses haven’t made your vision worse. The real problem isn’t weak focusing muscles; the real problem is your eye’s lens has become less flexible so it can’t focus as well,” according to ABC Health & Wellbeing.

Although glasses aren’t making your vision worse, they aren’t exactly helping your eyes either since they don’t let your eye muscles flex as much. If you do want to have perfect vision and never wear eyewear again, however, there are other procedures that are able to permanently improve your vision. For example, LASIK eye surgery has been a well known surgery that fixes your vision for the rest of your life, but only with certain common vision problems.

Though this could be a permanent solution, but this surgery might not be for many.

Lia Rocha, sophomore, says, “Honestly, I’d rather just wear glasses and contacts eventually. LASIK eye surgery seems too painful and not for me.”

For some, the pain that comes with the surgery may not be worth it. For others, however, it’s not the pain that’s the problem but rather it’s the price.

“If I had the money, I would definitely do LASIK but I don’t so I wouldn’t mind wearing glasses for the rest of my life,” Kelvin Chen, someone who has been wearing glasses for at least eight years, comments.

Now, if wearing glasses isn’t enough and eye surgery doesn’t seem worth the cost, it is also possible to naturally repair your vision. By eating the right foods, like leafy green vegetables and foods rich in vitamins, wearing sunglasses and protective eyewear, eyesight wouldn’t be a problem to improve.

Even if glasses and contacts aren’t the problem of why your vision may be getting worse, it’s wise to treat them with care. Eyewear may be a nuisance on a daily basis, never take your vision for granted.