Get Motivated to Make Your Year Magnificent

Tips to keep yourself motivated for this semester

Kiley Haberstroh, Advertisement Team

2019 is here, and students are beginning to lose their motivation to finish off the school year strong. One reason students begin to lose interest in school is due to the duration of winter break. Once winter break passes, students seem to get used to the luxury of not doing anything and it is reflected in their schoolwork. The lack of effort can cause the semester to start off badly, which most students aren’t happy with. However, with the help of Wikihow, tips are offered to keep yourself motivated and set you up for success.

Set Goals. Setting goals for the new year can help keep you inspired to try and work on assignments and projects. Writing down your goals keeps you motivated to strive for what you want to accomplish. It also keeps you in balance and you are reminded to finish what you have started.

Some examples of setting goals include finishing the semester with no missing assignments and finishing with no Cs. You can achieve this by going to your teachers for help and finishing all your assignments on time.

Create New Challenges. Challenging yourself can make you think “outside the box” while working on  projects, presentations, or even studying. It will make you interested with the project even more if you are willing to put in the time and extra work to find something interesting about the topic at hand.

Acknowledge your accomplished goals. Staying positive is the key to continue pushing yourself. Be appreciative when you do a really good job on an assignment. Give yourself a pat on the back, or a quick reward like candy. This will make you happier in the end, and will keep you motivated to do well on the next assignment.

Schedule a study time. Take time out of your day to focus on school related things, so you won’t get behind on homework. Doing so will create a more regulated schedule, keeping you organized to appreciate activities after school and on the weekends. You’ll bring up your grades, improve your self-confidence, and appreciate school more.

Maintain an agenda. Sometimes students forget about what homework they have to do. Having an agenda is very useful because it will keep you aware of what homework or project you have due. Write down the due dates of assignments and any long term projects to help keep you in check.

Have a clear and positive mind. If you are negative or stressed, it will only do you more harm than good. Being stressed actually makes it harder to remember the content you studied and it’s not healthy for you overall.

Making sure you keep a positive mindset and relaxed brain will help you finish assignments faster. This will make the subject not only easier to understand but, also easy to remember– creating a healthy, balanced, and encouraging environment.

Take care of yourself. According to Mayo Clinic, students often lose motivation in the winter, due to the seasonal changes. This can last up all the way till the start of summer.

If you treat yourself right by exercising, eating and drinking healthier, and doing things that bring you joy, it can help take away the sadness. Doing so will give your 2019 a better start.

The tips and tricks provided are sure to help you gain the little motivation that students need to rock the last semester. Try them out and see if they can improve your studying habits! Hopefully these tips change your mind and push you to finish off the year right!