Game Review

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Ethan Pace, Culture and Relations

The game Wolfenstein: The New Order is a first person shooter, where the player is set in the 1940s and 1960s in a alternate reality where the Nazis won the war, instead of losing it like they did in our timeline. So in the story there are so many plausible ways for the game to go with it. Its story is very straightforward, but not bland and predictable. The pace at which the story moves and evolves is perfect for this game. The pace is fast but you can take a methodical approach to the situation.

The fighting is very fast paced, but there are so many various ways to act upon the situation– such as stealth, brute force, distance, or a mixture of any of them. It all depends upon the player, which is great because it provides so much versatility and replay value to the game. Not only that, but there are two different storylines you can take with this game as well, which adds even more replay value.

The movement which is very smooth, mechanics which allow for great combos, and the controls of this game are so fluid and well made. Everything flows together so well. With the leaning mechanics to the weapons, it all fits every playstyle.

It isn’t fast paced to the point where combat goes by super quick and stealth is not optimal, but it also doesn’t take an hour to get through a checkpoint.

Also, players can explore the map and find collectibles that unlock things like different game modes or concept art, which continues to add so much replay value. It also allows for something other than pure fighting.

Something that is enjoyable is the lack of diverse enemies. Now, granted, there are many different types of enemies– but most of them are just the same enemy in a different cosmetic item. This isn’t too much of an issue, rather just something that some of the community would like to be improved.

Not to mention, the game gives you the regular enemies you would find in any other game similar to this one. DOOM, for example, plays nearly the same and has the same enemy types, making it too generic. But those enemies are a part of these types of games, so of course they’re going to be in it. But I feel I would have wanted something a little more different, simply because it becomes repetitive.

My overall review of this game is an 8/10 because its gameplay was great, but with the given story and lore, I felt as if they could have done something a little different that wouldn’t be out of reach with the setting of the game.