Getting Over the Christmas Flu

Autumn Sorrentino, Editor-in-Chief

Dear Bonnie,

I hate being sick. I’m stuck at home when I could be spending my time with friends or family. Rather than baking cookies, wrapping presents, or sledding, I have to stay in bed all day. What can I do to cure my boredom, or my sickness? Whichever comes first, I’m happy to hear your advice.

Thanks again,



Dear Clyde,

In terms of health, the holiday season is never fun— whether you’re the one sneezing, or the one surrounded by sniffles, being sick can be incredibly irritating for everyone. Luckily, there are some at-home remedies out there to make your “flu blues” disappear, and perhaps even alleviate some symptoms.

Though it might not be too exciting, the best thing you can do for your body is sleep. Giving your body time to rest and heal will lead to a speedy recovery— and besides, you aren’t doing anything anyway. While everyone is off at school, you may as well catch up on some Zs without them.

Keeping yourself hydrated will do wonders to a cold. Lemon juice and honey mixed into warm water is a sure-fire way to help your throat feel better quickly, and can spice up the “boring” taste. For the average teenager, approximately 72 ounces of water is optimal for daily use— but, when you’re sick, it may be beneficial to kick it up a notch (when you’re awake, that is).

Lastly, keep the air around you moist. If you have a humidifier, set it up as soon as you can. It’ll help loosen up mucus, and get the bacteria out that’s causing you infection. If a humidifier isn’t exactly in your budget, you could always take a hot shower instead. It’ll have the same effect, though temporary.

I hope you feel well soon, and take care of yourself! Best of luck!

Yours truly,