Scoring the 30 Year Win

Celebrating 30 years with Horizon’s sports

Jailen Manzanares, Copy Editor

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Thirty seems like such a small number when compared to amounts of money, items, or percents on tests. When it’s involved with time, though, a lot can happen in 30 years.

As Horizon celebrates its 30th year anniversary, it celebrates its accomplishments in sports, academics and other extracurriculars. All of these moments reflect the greatness of our school, which makes these 30 years seem like a lifetime.

Athletic have always been a big part of a high school student’s journey. For athletes, sports give them a family to support them and create an adventure throughout the season. It gives them memories that will last forever. Other students support these athletes by attending games and cheering on the school.

Principal Kim Brady came to Horizon for her high school days, and she has seen the evolution of sports here at the school.

“Lacrosse is very new here, the sport has become more popular over the years,” Brady said. “I remember that girls couldn’t participate in some of the sports that they do now. Girls couldn’t run track or cross country. I also don’t remember there being a swim and dive team when I attended. Our principal also did not allow Powder Puff, even though that’s more of an event.”

Mrs. Brady was a student athlete herself; she knows how important sports and academics are when trying to balance them.

“You have to be involved in school to be eligible [to play sports], but you also have to put yourself out there!” Brady stated. “You benefit by learning good life lessons; you learn how you don’t always win. You learn to lose graciously— there’s always a winner, and a loser. You learn your role as a teammate. You won’t always be a starter or the center of the game. For me, that’s a critical life lesson. But it works the other way, too— sometimes you’ll be on the bench, then you will get put in the game and have to play that important part. Just be willing to try out new things!”

Sports have not only provided a way for students to learn these life lessons, but they also “create a [stronger] community”, in the words of Principal Brady. Horizon’s community is full of supportive students who cheer Horizon’s teams on.

“Teachers and students get excited to attend the games; it’s an event that we look forward to. If the team is winning, students begin to show more school spirit and pride.”