Cheerful Treats

Marley Franklin, Event Coordinator

During the holidays, the sweet smell of desserts lingers in the air and hot drinks are served with increasing frequency. If you are looking to fall in with this trend, this is the perfect hot chocolate recipe to enjoy with a perfect holiday homemade treat. Hot chocolate is a favorite around this time.

To start off you will need only six ingredients that can be found in your cabinet. You will need:  

½ cup of sugar

¼ of  cup cocoa powder

1/3 cup of hot water

4 cups of milk

3/4 of teaspoons of vanilla extract

First, grab a saucepan, which is a flat circular pan. Then, combine the sugar and water in the saucepan over the stove, bringing the mixture to a boil. wait for bubbles to appear on the sides of the pan before stirring the ingredients for two minutes. Next, add in the milk and turn down the heat to a serving temperature. Remove the pan from the oven, add in the vanilla extract, and whisk until frothy. Add in cinnamon or marshmallows if desired.

Hope this can warm up you holidays and make a great seasonal beverage.