Madness on The Court

Updates on what to expect from the 2018-19 basketball season

Sofia Giannone, Health Editor

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It’s almost winter and you know what that means: basketball season! Last years’ girls basketball team took a huge win against all of the other teams whereas our boys did their absolute best.

This year, however, is going to be different! Horizon may have even created a new yearly tradition called Maroon Madness.

Maroon Madness is a time where the star players are announced and where everyone gets to watch both them and the crowd play all different types of basketball games and win some cool prizes.

Not only does Maroon Madness get the student body hyped for basketball season but it’s a nice way to spend time with friends and maybe even family.

During some games, the basketball teams, both girls and boys, chose who got to play whereas, during other games the players were chosen through a raffle. Musical chairs and knockout were just a couple of the games played to win prizes.

The Prizes that were given ranged from a free year of dairy queen to a basketball signed by a denver nugget. Go check out Maroon Madness next year to win some free stuff and cheer the Hawks on!

Two of Horizons very own varsity players who were announced during Maroon Madness, explained what got them into playing basketball and how some of the basketball tactics work.

When asked why they started playing basketball, seniors Sophie Castillo and Kaden Bennett both explained how they tried all the sports when they were young and basketball was the only one that stuck.

They have both played basketball for 10 years. However, neither of them plan to continue basketball as a career in the future, but they might play in recreational leagues.

Now onto the inside scoop of team captains. Because most of the student body doesn’t know how our basketball teams’ captains are selected, Sophie and Kaden decided to explain.

“For the girls team, the coach elects a few seniors to be team captain, and then the team votes on who they want it to be.  I am not one and I probably would not want to be one, only because I have a different role on the team,” Castillo explains.

For the boys team, Kaden explained that if someone wants to be team captain, they need to be loud and be a leader.

The coach’s choice is based on leadership, respect, and their ability to get loud. Kaden is a team captain on our boys team, his job now is to be loud, talk to the referees, and remind the team to be respectful during the games.

Kaden believes that this years’ basketball season is going to go great because they have four returning starters; they are hoping to win conference.

Sophie believes that this basketball season will also be good for the girl’s team. It is unfortunately Kaden and Sophie’s senior year, meaning they will not be on our hawk team next year along with our other 13 seniors.

Basketball season only comes once a year so go and make the most out of it!