Reforms in Congress; Things are Changing

Jaden Marolt, Culture and Relationship Team

It’s the 20th century: an age of change, and with that, many improvements. One such major change is that, of the 535 people who hold seats in Congress, 107 of them are women, making up approximately 20% of Congress.

More than 100 women taking place in Congress is, in fact, record-breaking; however, there is still a clear unbalanced ratio of men to women, as has historically been the case.

According to the Center For American Women and Politics, 78 of the new seat holders are Democrats, while the remaining 29 members are Republicans. This caused a sway in the House of Representatives, allowing the Democratic party to take over.

“It is a good thing that women are being elected into Congress, because men have run the country for long enough, and they have not done a good job. It is time to give women a chance. As far as I’m concerned, it could be all women running the country. I’m ready for the change,” Mr. Edwin Taylor, physics teacher, said.

“I believe that women are a little more rational than men in a lot of ways, and I think that it will benefit our country in terms of all kinds of issues that affect women— such as abortion rights. Women are also generally a lot less militaristic and aren’t prone to get us into armed conflict. There is all kinds of sensible things that women do that I would like to see take action,” Taylor continued.

Not only is it fair for women to hold a seat in Congress, but it will bring a more diverse mindset considering men and women do not always have the same way of thinking.

Though the results of the election are still fairly new and not much has taken place in the House of Representatives or the Senate, it is predicted that good things will come from this change.